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Pallet wrappers – Melbourne Packaging Supplies

Melbourne Packaging Supplies is a family owned and operated company that has been established for over 45 years.

We are importers and wholesale distributors of industrial Packaging including Pallet wrapping machines, strapping, wrapping, marking products, protection products. We also service and supply a large range of tools and equipment. Being a family business our service remains friendly, courteous and personal. Our customer service and sales representatives are always available to assist you. Most items are in stock and we offer a next day delivery service.

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Melbourne packaging Has been supplying strapping since 1977, its one of our core products. We supply steel strapping, Polyester strapping, Woven strapping, Composite strapping, and Polypropylene Strapping and Associated tools, seal and accessories. Our XST-260 and XST-450 Battery powered strapping tools lead the way in technology and durability in the Strapping industry, used on PET strapping and Polyprop strapping, they make short work of strapping goods.

Pallet Wrapping Machines
Melbourne Packaging supplies are importers of Atlanta stretch, premium pallet wrapping machines, In turntable semiautomatic and automatic models, robots manual and rotating arm machines. Known for their durability and robust design Melbpack is able to put high quality Atlanta Stretch pallet wrappers in the hands of end users at a highly competitive price.

Pallet wrap
What good would a Pallet wrapping machine supplier be if they didn’t supply wrapping for them? We have a broad range of Pallet wrapping to suit the needs of various industries, wrapping machines and applications. We supply Blown pallet wrapping, cast pallet wrapping, and high tech machine pallet wrapping use don our powered prestretch machines for the ultimate cost saving.

Air Cushions
Helping many companies get their products around safely are our air cushions. Air cushions are great for use as void fill as they take up little room when unexanded and they offer the most cost effective and protective void fill solution.