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Melbourne packaging have a large range of battery tools to suit varied industries, such as the steel, timber, warehousing, logistics, glass and construction industries.  Battery powered PET strapping tools are the quickest and easiest way to strap goods. our  XST strapping tools are market leading in performance and ergonomics, they’re well balanced to minimize operator repetitive stress industries like manual tools could be attributed to.

The major advantage to our XST series tools is the use of the 18v Bosch batteries, through the use of a mainstream battery you know its reliable and readily available if the need for replacement ever arises. The bosch batteries are reliable and in well built cases to reduce the chance of fatal battery damage from operators.



Kronos Battery powered strapping tool

The Kronos is our entry level tool, recommended for lower volume users and lighter duty applications it offer users a an offers users an affordable  powered tool. Follow our link for more info

We then have the XST-260 and XST-450 strapping tools, the XST-260 and XST-450 strapping tools are Swiss made and feature the first LED and LED touch panel screens which many other many manufacturers are now copying.

The advantage of the XST-260 and XST-450 battery powered strappers is their well built design and high quality parts, they need minimal servicing vs other brands of tools which makes them one of the lowest cost of tools to own longterm.

Servicing and Maintenance through Melbpack.
One of the biggest surprise many people get these days is the service costs, Melbpack are upfront with our labour costs and service fees, our tool comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty with ZERO requirements for service or maintenance through us. we’ve compared many service quotes and repairs we have done to major international strapping companies and in some cases we’ve reduced the cost on repairs and maintenance by half… and these are for tools we didn’t even sell the customers.

Melbourne Packaging Supplies has been doing strapping for over 40 years, its our bread and butter. were one of the few packaging companies in Australia to have our own strapping Break testing machine. With our strapping break testing machine we’re able to insure your tools are operating at maximum welding efficiency and find the optimal weld setting for your tool and PET. Taking the guess work out of setting the weld.