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This company approached us looking for an entry level pallet wrapping machine to take the strain off users wrapping pallets Manually.

The EVA is easy to use pallet wrapping machine, it requires minimal operator training.

The EVA pallet wrapper, automatically detects the height of pallets and the users can easily adjust:

  • Top wraps
  • Bottom wraps
  • Amount of wrap applied through carriage ascent and decent speed.
  • Turntable speed
  • Overwrap / flanging height(lip of stretchwrap at the top of the pallet

The EVA XF-2010 while is has an entry level price tag it offers so much more features than other machines in this price bracket.

  • Manual and semi auto modes
  • Adjustable paramters
  • 1650mm turntable for AU made pallets
  • Italian made
  • German electrical components from Lenze.

For this customer we opted for our standard 23um Australian Made stretchwrap, made on a new Australian high speed extruder its available  at an affordable price. and offers high strength to accommodate the sharper edges of the pallets due to the goods setback.


Melbpack keeps a large range of machines in stock. The EVA was already setup in our machine warehouse and tested, we delivered the machine  into country Victoria the day after payment with our own vehicle and installed the machine the next morning, going over training and operation of the machine,  our rep remained onsite until multiple pallets were wrapped and all users were aware of the safety precautions with the machine and it was wrapping the pallets to the customers expectations.



While it will be sometime until this machine needs any parts as the EVA is of robust and simplified design.  We stock a massive range of parts to minimize any downtime.