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For too long now the packaging industry has been plagued with companies, selling underweight consumable products. Its especially common in strapping, stretchwrap and plastics.

Melbourne Packaging Supplies PTY LTD guarantee if you buy through us. You will get what quoted and and our invoice, all our products dimensions are listed as 3 dimensional products, clearing stating, the width, gauge and meters or KG. We have product spec sheets available on all products, but most have already been updated directly onto the website.

If your supplier only lists products as 2 dimensional such as:

500mm x 400m Cast wrap
500mm x 1600m pallet wrapping #20
500mm x 15kg stretchwrap

They’re likely trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Made me laugh when i weighed one of these “15kg” rolls once and it weighed 12kg, no wonder people think they’re getting such a good deal. 3kg underweight? thats $9 if we’re talking $3 per kg. Might as well compare a 315ML can of coke in price to a 2L coke in price… shocking how nobody could compete with the great deal they were getting… 

Stretchwrap, strapping and plastics, like water all have a density per KG, while water is 1:1. LDPE stretchwrap is .92 and PET strapping is 1.38g per cubic center meter.
Using this information we can calculate if the rolls are correct.

Melbpack does this regularly with all our products to make sure our suppliers are sending the correct products. Though now we’ve cut all the dodgy ones from our supply chain.

Do you know the worst part? Its not even the overseas companies behind this. Its companies right here. Ordering products without correct labeling, ordering them 5 or 10% under spec or just throwing on an extra 50m. whatever works for them.

Only you can stop this practice, make sure you get what you pay for.