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Product Overview

The XST-46 Kronos is a world-class battery powered strapping tool. With flexible settings, wide tension range and the ability to accommodate both PP and PET strapping. Kronos XST-46 is ideal for a wide range application in all industries and sectors.

The Kronos XST-46 has an automatic function, capable of 1 button tension and sealing and Melbpack supplies this tool as standard with a heavy duty reinforced base plate attachment.

General Safety Rules

DO NOT attempt to operate the tool until you have read and understood all instructions and safety rules. Failure to comply may result in accidents involving fire, electric shock, or serious personal injury. Save this owner’s manual for future reference and review it frequently for safe operation.

Functional Unit

Technical Data

Model No: H-46A-12, H-46A-16, H-46B-16, H-46B-19
Battery Type: BOSCH Li-Ion , 18Vdc 4.0Ah
Charging Time: About 40 minutes
(after 20 minutes, approx. 70% charge capacity)
Strapping Speed: 5 sec/cycle (Auto)
Strap Width: 11-13mm

Operation Elements

A :Operation mode indicator
B :Operation mode set button
C :Tension force adjustment button
D :Sealing time adjustment button
E :Battery power indicator
F :Digital display for Tension , Sealing time, error code….


The following video demonstrates just how easy the XST-46 Battery Powered strapping tool is to use.


Please take off the battery before doing maintenance.

Use air gun to clean the area around Tensioning Wheel (H46-10700/H46-10710) and Gripper (H46-10900) and the area around Cutter (H46-40900) daily. Be sure to use the air gun by blowing the debris from the left side to avoid any debris blowing to inside of the tool.

If air gun could not dislodge the debris between the teeth of Tensioning Wheel (H46-10700/H46-10710) , it is suggested to sharp the tip of PET (or other plastic) strap and use it as a tool to clean the strap debris.

Please do not use any metal material or hard material to clean the teeth to avoid any damage to the teeth.


The power tool, accessories and packaging materials should be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling. Do not dispose of power tools into household waste!

According the European Guideline 2002/96/EC for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and its implementation into national right, power tools that are no longer usable must be collected separately and disposed of in an environmentally correct manner


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many batteries does this tool come with?
Typically we supply this tool with 2x Bosch 4AH batteries included in the price.

Do you provide service to these tools?
Yes, we have several in house staff for repairing machines in our warehouse and we can repair tools onsite in Melbourne.

Do you stock parts for these?
Yes melbpack is the importer and distributor of this tool in Australia. We stock all major parts fro quick turn around on parts delivery or repairs.

What sort of PET strap can this run?
This tool can run our 3 grades of PET, Supa embossed, Machine Embossed and ultra smooth, it can run them in 15mm width to 19mm and from 0.6mm to 1.3mm thick.

Is this tool shock resistant when dropped?
We would advise against dropping them…however Melbpack equips all XST-46s with a reinforced base plate attachment at no additional cost. This prevents damage to the cast base plate when on rough surfaces such as metals but also prevents the base plate from been damaged if the tool is dropped.

My old tool wears out feedwheels and grippers really fast, will this one?
This would depend on your strap usage, but the XST-46 has a contactless feedwheel and gripper, that means if a user pushes the tension button without strap in the tool accidentally or to clean it, they wont grind against each other. This is normally a common problem in the cheaper tools.

What does the auto function do?
The auto function allows the tool to tension and seal automatically at the press of 1 button, when in the auto mode and the tension button is pushed the tool will tension to its preset tension limit and then automatically begin welding.

How many straps will this tool do before it needs a charge?
It does depend on the settings, on higher welding times you would get less, but typically you would get min 200 straps.

Can you tell me more about the design of the tool and why you sell or promote this model instead of others?
Sure, melbpack in an independent importer and distributor of strap and tools, we stock the most of the XST-46(Transpack H45B) strapping tool over other tools because of its reliability and price point. Until now no tool of this quality has been available for under $3000.00 outside of major discounts direct from a manufacturer. Transpak parts are also significantly cheaper than tools of European origin.

The XST-46 uses a twin motor design, a main large motor for tensioning and sealing and a secondary smaller motor to bring up and down the sealing mechanism, while it adds a second motor to the design of some other tools, it removes a lot of complex’s parts and simplifies the tools design, while still having the auto mode. Most other tools use twin large motors or a single large motor.

The tools electronics are also placed in the upper parts of the tool, this prevents water damage to the electronics. Melbpack still advises that the tool shouldn’t be operated in the rain. But its less prone to damage if somebody does accidentally leave it outside.