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Welcome to the new Melbourne Packaging Supplies website, we’ve updated many of our products listings and will be adding pdfs, FAQs and videos to products.

While you’re here why not checkout our new Stretchwrap machine from Italy, the XW-1000 Nobel. Its an entry level priced machine but with programmable cycles and features some $7000 machines don’t even have.

A stretchwrap machine can reduce your labour costs, remove back strain caused by manually wrapping pallets, save you on the cost per pallet wrapped and reduce stretchwrap wastage by more efficiently wrapping pallets. All while wrapping the pallets with higher load stability and retention.

We have the XW-1000 available for purchase outright or its also available for a short term rental agreement or a longer 36 month rental, with the option to buy at the end of the agreement.  If these options don’t suit you we can also place the machine at no charge with a 36month supply agreement for stretchwrap. (Conditions apply)