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Melbourne Packaging supplies is a large importer and distributor of PET strapping. Polyethylene strapping has many advantages over other strapping.

  • PET has the lowest cost per strength
  • PET strapping is made from recycled material and can be recycled.
  • Polyethylene strapping has the longest coils, reducing changover
  • PET strapping can be applied the quickest of any strapping by hand with a battery powered tool.
  • NO Sharp edges to cut users.

Our PET strapping or Polyethylene Terephthalate Strapping  is made from recycled PET bottle flakes, its one of the most environmentally friendly straps. PET strapping is also fully recyclable in Australia. PET is classed as type 1 recyclable.

Melbourne Packaging Supplies has a full range of PET strapping to suit a wide range of industries. with stock sizes ranging from 12mm to 19mm and othersizes available such as 9mm or 25mm upon request.

Our main range of PET strapping is our Machine Embossed PET strapping. While many other suppliers opt these days for an economy line for their hand tools, our PET strapping is a full machine grade PET. it glides easily through battery powered tools and has a quicker welding time. Many other companies add a painful number of additives to increase the PET strength as they’re using poorer quality materials. The PET is hard and wares out feedwheels and tooth plates at an alarming rate vs our PET. we’ve seen differences of customers requiring feedwheels every 10,000 straps on hard PET whereas running our machine grade PET they;re getting over 40,000 straps per feedwheel. With the avg price of feedwheels  around $350.000 or more for many brands of tools paying slightly extra to minimise longterm costs and downtime has a great advantage to it.

Melbpack is always about supplying the best quality products at a competitive price, its why our PET comes from countries with the most skilled labour forces in making PET, such as Australia, Germany and South Korea. None of our PET strapping ever comes from China.

There are several ways to apply PET strapping to goods.

You can use a manual tensioner and sealer.
A manaul tensioner and sealer is a cost effect way for a smaller user to tensioner PET strapping, the 2 ends of the PET strapping are placed on different lays of the tensioner, the user then cranks the tensioning handle to tension up the strapping. After it is tight the user applies a seal to strap and crimps it closed with a sealer.

The other way to tension PET, and the fastest way to tension any hand strapping is throiugh the use of a battery powered PET strapper or “strapping tool” the user puts both straps in the tool together, press the tension button until max tension is achieve then the strapping is melted together through friction. Friction weld strapping tools have a high joint efficiency of +80%. and theres no other tools or seals required. meaning you can ahve the lowest cost per strap of any other strapping setups.


Higher volume users will use an automatic strapping machine, give us a call if this is soemthing you’re looking for. Turnkey systems with joinpack or transpak  strapping heads are available through melbpack.


Recently we did a test on a competitors PET strapping, the PET strapping was highly translucent and likely coming from Taiwan. As per usual you egt what you pay for, this 19mm x 1mm embossed translucent PET strapping had a breaking strain of 7089N(722kg force), our 16mm x 1mm smooth has that sort of breaking strain.

we tested at the same time our

19mm x 850m x 1m embossed PET strapping, it has a breaking strain of 7463N or 761kgf and is a full machine grade PET strapping, capable of running on fully auto strapping machines.

Our last test was on our new HD PET strapping. Made from more pure materials, our HD strapping, is stronger and has increased weld integrity under high tension. our 19mm x 850m x 1mm HD PET strapping tested at 8384N aka: 854kgf. Its one of the strongest PETs on the market.