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A semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine requires minimal user interaction with the pallet. From the user’s side, they will attach the stretch wrap film to the pallet or goods and start the machine, which will then do the rest of the work. The wrap will move through the predetermined cycle it has been set to.

Once the device has completed wrapping the pallet, including the top wrap cycle, the user will cut the film off before taking the pallet off the turntable. Upgrades are available that simplify the process further, if required. One option includes a turntable system that allows the user to tie the wrap to the turntable itself through a webbing device.

The following semi-automatic machines are available, and are suitable for different outputs:

  • Eva 1500KG Capacity Pallet Wrapping Machine: advised for 20 pallets a day.
  • Synthesi 2000KG Capacity Pallet Wrapping Machine: advised for 30 to 40 pallets a day.
  • Mytho PRS Pallet Wrapping Machine: advised for up to 100 pallets a day.

A fully automatic machine will automatically wrap the pallet, set to the top of the pallet, and wrap it without any manual input.

What’s the difference between the two?

Typically semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are suitable as a more entry-level unit and recommended if you have targets of around 20 to a hundred pallets a day. They are available for about $5,000, whereas an entry-level automatic machine is upwards of $20,000.

A semi-automatic machine can be used to compliment your current infrastructure too. So, you may have a fully automatic machine with a conveyor for high volume pallet wrapping, but still have use for a semi-automatic machine for repacking pallets and other ad-hoc jobs. You may also have extenuating circumstances that you need to factor into your decision, such as an employee with a bad back that will benefit from having a semi-automatic machine to assist them with their work.

It really comes down to volume and workload

Automatic machines are more suitable for high volume users to improve productivity because they eliminate the need for their operators to get off the forklift. They can put the pallet on, press the remote button on the forklift and the machine will attach the film and start wrapping.

However, semi-automatic machines are very popular with high volume users too because they can invest in two or three semi-automatic machines versus one automatic machine, with a lower investment. This comes with benefits. Semi-automatic machines are versatile and can be useful whether you work with high, medium, or low volumes. In terms of maintenance and servicing, they are less complex and therefore need less maintenance than a fully automated machine.

Not sure what type of pallet wrapping machine you need?

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