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Allow us here to sell ourselves, and give you reasons why were an excellent choice for the purchase of a pallet wrapping machine.

There’s multiple types of companies you could buy a machine from:

    1. Machinery only companies that don’t do consumables but will do maintenance and sell machines
    2. Maintenance companies that mostly do maintenance but will supply machines
    3. Packaging companies who are reselling a machine brought  through a distributor.
    4. Companies Second hand old machines off ebay.
    5. Packaging companies who are importing their own machines, selling consumables and doing maintenance.

Melbourne packaging Supplies falls into number 5. which i believe gives customers the best option.

Most competitive machine price.
For starters, importing the machines ourselves gives us the most completive pricing, there’s no extra middle men or agents involved, we deal direct with the factory in Italy. We can supply the machines at a highly competitive rate. It also means we’re serious on machines, we import them by the full container load and invest a lot of money in our machines stock and parts. Dealing with us means your ongoing costs will be cheaper too. The machine will eventually require parts and as the parts don’t need to go through multiple hands to get to you you will get them at the best rate.

Competitive service rates
As we sell consumables, we’re not looking to charge excessive repair or maintenance fees, we don’t have to have our technicians turning an excessive profit, we’re about long term business, our service rates are highly competitive and we offer discounts for customers buying the machine pallet wrap through us.

Highest machine quality
As we’re a consumable based company. We don’t want to be dealing with or charging regular over priced machine repairs to maintain the warranty or hear about quality issues, we have found the best quality supplier in Atlanta Stretch. Atlanta stretch are an Italian manufacturer of machines. The price offering from Atlanta is the best in the industry in terms of price for quality and reliability. Its puzzles me to this day why people would even bother buying a machine for 5% less from china for a machine that needs twice as much maintenance to maintain.

One stop shop. 
Ever brought a pallet wrapping machine machine through a company and it has issues running a film? That wont happen through Melbourne Packaging, we know what films work on each of our machines. If an issue occurs such as film breaking, we will be able to determine if its a machine issue where it needs maintenance or if its a poor batch of film etc and quickly rectify the issue with no hassle to you.

Know the brand of stretchwrap machine you’re getting.
What separates us from many other importers of machines is we advertise the machines as the manufactures brand and models. You will find most companies importing from china or Taiwan and just slap their own brand on it when it comes in. So you don’t know who the manufacturer is, if those businesses ever go out of business it can be quite hard to get OEM spares.

Non exclusive supplier for Pallet wrappers
Seems crazy for us to advertise this, but there is reasoning, we’re an non exclusive distributor for Atlanta stretch in Australia, i personally hate contracts, i would never push one on a customer or supplier and we haven’t here. In my opinion any company raving on about been the exclusive supplier is somebody to stay away from, all it means is they have complete control over all spare parts that come into the country and can charge whatever price they want. Our price will always be competitive  on spares as you can get them elsewhere. Though we hope you have no reason to.

Guaranteed 10 years of support. 
I if sell something or buy something, id want to get 10 years out of it, im not one to upgrade a car in 3-4 years, i still drive a 2012  build model and i want 2 more years out of this thing. I want to see customers get the same life out of anything they buy through us. Its why we if for whatever reason we cant repair, maintain or service a machine or it hasn’t done the intended job.  we have sold you, you will be given the option to trade in the machine and discount on any new machine. Any trade is is based of reasonable trade in/ depreciation value based on use and timed owned. Id also like to point out that I, Shaun Bryce, Managing director of Melbourne Packaging am only 34 years old i have no intention of selling Melbourne Packaging and making the dash for cash to a competitor. …mostly because I’m pretty sure my dad would haunt me if I did… I want to establish a long-term supply relationship with customers for their ongoing support.

Loan machines available to Melbourne Metro and “local” country customers. 
While we maintain a high amount of spare parts and technician availability, some repair jobs may not always be so fast, if somebody crashes into the machine mast or crushes the machine structural frame it could be out of order for a week or 2 while we rebuild the machine. For these times of need we can offer loan machines free of charge or at minimal cost to get you through until your machine is returned.

We hope the above is a good enough reason to purchase through Melbourne Packaging supplies, but if you have any concerns or queries, please dont hesitate to call us.