Packaging Supplies

Melbourne Packaging Supplies manufactures and distributes a wide range of packaging materials for warehouse use. With thousands of packaging items in stock, we truly are a single source supplier for all of your packaging needs.

  • Cold Chain Solutions

    Cold Chain Solutions (1)

    Melbourne packaging Supplies has a range of cold chain solutions, including insulated foil bubblewrap and gel packs for the shipping of cold and frozen goods.
  • Dispatch Items

    Dispatch Items (12)

    We have a range of products to help with your dispatch needs, including Invoice enclosed envelopes, cable ties, rubber bands and knifes.
  • Marking Equipment

    Marking Equipment (26)

    We have a range of permanent markers, ink, chalk & crayons for marking goods.
  • Spray Ink

    Spray Ink (21)

    If you’re in need of spray ink, we have you covered.  We stock Dymark spray ink and Dymark Spray writer. Other Dymark spray inks such as the Spray and Mark are available on request.
  • Staplers

    Staplers (10)

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies carry a wide range of industrial staplers. Our range is extensive with long lasting, highly durable, robust industrial grade staplers.
  • Tying

    Tying (3)