Pallet Wrapping Machines

Melbourne Packaging Supplies stocks a large amount of Italian made pallet wrappers to aide you business. Pallet wrapping machines, reduce labour, save time and wrap your products more efficiently than wrapping pallets by hand.

We can offer your business a comprehensive range of semi-automatic, automatic and fully auto pallet wrapping machines along with rotating arm machines to suit any small business or commercial activity.

Melbourne Packaging supplies, only sells high quality Italian made machines built by Atlanta Stretch they’re of Robust design and easy to use. Along with been equipped to the latest safety standards

Melbourne Packaging Supplies offers a range of quality engineered models designed with the flexibility to integrate with your business packaging activities. Whether you need to package tall, wide or small pallets, odd shapes, different sizes, light or heavy loads, we have a model that will help reduce unproductive labour hours and stretch film wastage.

Our stretch wrapping machines come standard with a full warranty, adhere to ISO standards and are engineered to offer your business a safe, reliability and productive packaging solution.

If you have any questions about our integrated packaging solutions and looking at investing in a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine call one of our consultants today, we would be happy to discuss your key packaging requirements and match these to the most suitable machine.

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