Automatic pallet wrapping Machines

Fully Automatic Pallet wrapping machines machines do not require the operator to function. They’re available in multiple build types, such as rotating turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring.

Melbpacks Automatic pallet wrapping machines are built by Atlanta Stretch SpA in Italy And can be supplied, installed and maintained by Melbpack. With our new Australian Made Stretch film available at competitive prices you can insure your usage requirements are always met.

Turntable pallet wrapping machine

The automatic stretch wrapping machines with rotating turntable do have two main models. Both equipped with a rotary platform and with a support for the insertion of the stretch film. Such kind of machinery has the lowest productivity among the automatic machines, but do tick some important boxes such as a small footprint, easy use, and low maintenance intervention.

Automatic rotating arm stretch wrapping machines

These machines are placed at an intermediate level in terms of productivity, with a production which can vary from 55, 65, 75, up to 100 pallets per hour.

The machines with rotary arm in specific recommended for particularly unstable loads where the rotary motion of the turntable table would be risky.

Rotating ring stretch wrapping machines

Top of the range with absolutely the highest productivity and suitable for complex industrial products and pallets. Omega and Omega Double can reach up to 150 pallets/h. Not having any  electrical parts on the rotating ring and still equipped with a powerful PRS 250% pre.stretch system guarantee a minimal maintenance is minimum,

The features that distinguish our pallet wrapping machines compared to others are the use of simpler and easier solutions, a higher production speed (more productivity), low costs and easily to operate.

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