Pallet Stretch Wrapper Machine

Turntable pallet wrapping machines are some of the most popular pallet wrapping machines and solutions in Australia. Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we import premium quality Atlanta Stretch Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machines. Buying Atlanta stretch pallets wrapping machines direct from us or our select few resellers could save you thousands on your purchase of a high quality pallet wrapping machine built in Italy.

Atlanta Stretch pallet wrapping machines are known for their robust design, and with a constantly evolving range of machines, you know that you’re buying a high quality machine from leaders in the industrial packaging industry.

Our turntable pallet wrapping machines are of modular design, which means that if there is a feature or attachment you need, we can just bolt it onto your existing machine, Features such as auto cut, roping system, slit cutter & remote control or pallet wrapping machines scales.

Our range of packaging machinery and materials, including our turntable pallet wrapping machines have been carefully selected to ensure we offer you the full solution. Not only can you get the best pallet wrapping turntable machines from Melbourne Packaging Supplies, but you can get the stretch wrap you need to use with them, as well as access to a team of highly trained technicians to help you install, service and maintain your machine.

Melbourne packaging Supplies have our own in house technicians for install, service and maintenance of machines. Our machines include FREE delivery and install for Melbourne metro and surrounding Suburbs.

As Melbpack is the direct distributor for Atlanta Stretch Pallet wrappers to end users, you can be sure that our costs for spares will be the lowest on the market.

Also only through Melbpack can you get backup Atlanta pallet wrapping machines in Victoria, if we cant get you up and running fast enough we can dispatch a backup machine to you so you can get back up and running quickly.

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Melbpack pallet wrappers are produced by ATLANTA STRETCH, ATLANTA STRETCH is one of the largest producers of pallet wrapping machines globally, Based in Italy Atlanta stretch is the goto manufacturer for automatic pallet wrappers, with over 5000 turnkey systems produced worldwide. Atlanta stretch pallet wrappers and equipment are known for their robust, but economical design.

Buy Direct from the importer

Melbourne Packaging Supplies, is ATLANTA STRETCHES main distributor of semi automatic pallet wrappers throughout Australia, with dozens of machine in stock in shipping crates, we have machines ready to ship out nationwide. Buying Direct from the importer you can save thousands on ATLANTA STRETCH equipment.

Standard Features across our entire range of pallet wrappers

Fast & easy to use panel, adjust any save any parameter quickly.Use of commercial industrial grade components by LENZE, Schneider electric, Siemens and micro-detectors.
Standard 230V 10amp plug, easy to place machine. Supplied to high quality OMRON power supply.MOTAVARIO heavy duty gearbox and Motor.
Safety Foot crush drive under carriage Heavy Duty turntable  chain Drive.
Made in Italy By high ATLANTA STRETCH, high volume machine builder of over 30 years.Heavy duty internal chain drive for carriage assent with internal cable loom, fixed to heavy duty carriage mount.
Modular design, Easily add upgrades later like auto cut.1650mm diameter turntable fits AU pallets on with no overhang.



Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines and Packaging Solutions from Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Packaging Materials

Melbourne Packaging Supplies has been providing high quality strapping and packing materials, including semi-auto and fully auto turntable pallet wrapping machines to businesses all over Australia for more than 40 years.

We have worked hard to create a carefully selected range of the highest quality machinery because we know how important it is that you can rely on your equipment. With Melbourne Packaging Supplies, you also have access to a huge range of accessories and packaging materials so that no matter the size of your business and your packaging requirements, we’ve got a solution that will work for you.

Our aim is to save you and your business time and money, by providing high-quality products and cost-effective solutions.

If you need premium packaging machinery, consumables, and tools, then you need Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

Find your packaging solution today.


Frequently Asked Questions About Turntable Pallet Machines

  • What is a pallet wrapping machine used for?

    A pallet wrapping machine uses stretch wrap to securely wrap products or items to a pallet. The main purpose of this is to make the transportation of these items safer and more efficient. By securing the products with stretch wrap, you not only ensure they stay on the pallet and reduce the risk of items falling off or being unsafe to move or handle, but you also reduce the risk of any damage to the products that you’re transporting as well.

    Some businesses choose to wrap their pallets by hand, which can also be effective, however, a semi auto or fully automatic pallet stretch wrap machine can make the process very efficient and even cost effective too.

  • What can a pallet wrapping machine be used for?

    A pallet wrapping machine is predominantly used to secure goods or products to a pallet for safe shipment. The items that are wrapped using a pallet wrap machine can be vast and varied, and even oddly shaped from boxes to tools and everything in between.

    A pallet wrap machine can also be used when storing items on pallets too. If you work in a large warehouse space, you might need to wrap pallets for safe storage, and a pallet wrap machine can also help with this.

  • How do I know what kind of pallet wrap machine I need?

    As there are many different kinds of pallet wrap machines out there, including turntable varieties, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional, like one of our team members here at Melbpack.

    We’re very well-versed in the capabilities of these machines and can help you find a machine that is going to add efficiencies and value to your business.

    Buying a pallet wrap machine of any kind is an investment, but it can definitely be a well worth one, as it can make your processes even more efficient and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace too.

    Talk to one of our team members by contacting us here.

  • Can turntable pallet wrap machines wrap different sized pallets?

    In most instances yes. Most machines have programmable settings where you can input your requirements to ensure your load is wrapped efficiently and securely.

    If you’re not sure whether a turntable pallet wrap machine or any other piece of equipment from us here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies is right for your business, just get in touch with us. If you provide us with some background information about how you plan to use your machinery, we can work with you to find the best option.

  • What are the benefits of using a standard turntable pallet wrap machine?

    There are a wide variety of benefits that you can experience when you use a standard turntable pallet wrap machine. Some of these include:

    • Reduce of risk of injury to staff members, especially if hand wrapping pallets
    • Pallets are usually able to be wrapped even more securely and safely that if they are hand wrapped
    • It can improve the time you’re spending on wrapping pallets
    • It can reduce the amount of stretch wrap your business is using
    • It can reduce the labour you’re spending on hand wrapping pallets
    • It can be used for both transporting and storage purposes, whether you are shipping ro storing palleted products.
    • They are easy to use so minimal training is required
  • Can I get the pallet wrap I need for my pallet wrapping machine?


    At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer a huge range of machine stretch wrap that are suitable to be used in the machines that we sell.

    Our range includes various sizes and strengths, and if you’re not sure what you need, our team can help you!

  • Can I get accessories and spare parts from Melbourne Packaging Supplies?

    You certainly can. As the turntable pallet wrapping machines are modular in design, if there is a particular feature or attachment you need it can usually be easily bolted onto your machine. Some of the upgrades and features you can add include auto cutters, roping systems, slit cutters, remote controls and pallet wrapping machine scales.

    We also have access to all of the spare parts you might need for your machine. And as our team includes inhouse technicians, if you’re having an issue with your turntable pallet wrap machine, we can definitely help sort that out for.

  • Why choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies for turntable pallet wrap machines?

    Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer a large selection of machinery, consumables, tools and accessories to make your packaging and logistics processes a lot easier, and our range of turntable pallet wrap machines are no exception.

    We have carefully selected our entire range of pallet wrap machines, including our Atlanta Stretch turntable pallet wrap machines to ensure we’ve got options for a wide range of purposes and businesses of all sizes. We’ve used our 40+ years of operational experience to select the highest quality range to make your business run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Our experience also means that no matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to grow your operations, our team can offer meaningful and useful advice to help you fulfill your goals.

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, you can always get in touch with us to see if we can help as well.

  • Where can I purchase turntable pallet wrapping machines from?

    All of our pallet wrap machines and our entire packaging product range is available to customers in Melbourne, Victoria and throughout Australia.

    You also have the option to collect your order from our Kilsyth, Melbourne-based warehouse.

  • Can you help me create a packaging solution for my business?

    Yes we can!

    We know that finding the right packaging solution for any business is not easy. Whether you have a small business or you’re looking to grow an established one, we have the knowledge and understanding to help you to create the most ideal and efficient packaging solution to suit your needs.

    We are a full packaging solution business in Melbourne, offering you everything you need to package your products properly. Our team can work closely with you to help you find the right machinery and products for the right application, so you’re only using what you really need.

  • Does your company supply Pallet wrapping for these machines

    Yes we supply Australian wrapping, imported wrapping in both blow and cast stretchwrap materials to suit the range of Atlanta stretch pallet wrappers.