Standard Turntable Pallet wrapping Machines

Turntable pallet wrapping Machines are the most popular type of wrapping machines available, they’re great for entry level to higher volume users.

Melbpack is partners with Atlanta Stretch In Italy for Distribution of wrapping machine into Australia. They’re well designed machines with advanced and robust features, requiring less maintenance and repairs than other machines.

Melbpack Stocks a range of stock machines to suit various wrapping requirements and usage, however many machines are extremely customisable  at the factory. With options like Integrated Scales, higher wrapping height, larger turntable and the increasingly popular Low 25mm profile  turntable.

We have outlined our list of stock options below.

Code Machine Brake Manual/semi mode Savable programs Adjustable parameters Yield Turntable Diameter Capacity Wrapping Height
XF1000 Alfa(Coming soon) Friction Y/N NA NA x1-2 1500mm 1200kg 2200mm
XF2010 Eva Friction Y/Y 1 7 x1-2 1650mm 1500kg 2200mm
XF3000 Synthesi Friction Y/Y 3 10 x1-2 1500mm 2000kg 2200mm
XF3111 Synthesi Electro Y/Y 3 10 x1-2 1650mm 2000kg 2500mm
XF4010 Synthex 200% (X3) PRS Y/Y 3 10 x3 1650mm 2000kg 2200mm
XF5000 Mytho Various
150-350% (x4.5)
Y/Y 6 30 x1 – x4.5 1650mm 2000kg 2500mm

Yield = stretchwrap yeild. x2 means 1m stretched to 2m, x3 means 1m stretched to 3m

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