Heat Sealing Machines and Supplies

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  • Benchtop Bag Sealers

    Benchtop Bag Sealers (11)

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies has a range of heat sealers for sealing LDPE tubing and LDPE bags. From sizes 200mm up to 600mm. We can supply them as a benchtop model with or without a cutter blade with various options available
  • Pedestal Heat Sealers

    Pedestal Heat Sealers (3)

    Pedestal impulse heat sealers are standard alone machine featuring a foot pedal and a sealing timer for consistent heat sealing
  • Shrinkwrap Machines

    Shrinkwrap Machines (1)

    Keep your products protected, whether in storage or in transit by shrink wrapping them with a professional grade shrink wrap machine.Perfect for protecting delicate packaging or bundling items together, a shrink wrapping machine can cut down on the size and amount of other packaging materials you’re using when shipping products.At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer a range of shrink wrap machines that are available to customers in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Our range includes options that are suitable for small operations as well as large logistics businesses. And we also offer the shrink wrap and packaging accessories you need to use your machine.Shop with Melbourne Packaging Supplies for heat shrink wrap machines and packaging products in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Sealing Machines and Materials

  • What is a heat sealing machine used for?

    Heat sealing machines are used to seal thermoplastic materials by applying heat and pressure to the materials. They are commonly used in the packaging industry to seal bags and pouches made of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester.

  • How does a heat sealing machine work?

    Heat sealing machines typically use a heating element, such as a heating bar or heating wire, to apply heat to the materials being sealed. The heating element is brought into contact with the materials, and pressure is applied to seal the materials together. Some heat sealing machines also use a cooling element to help solidify the seal.

  • What are the different types of heat sealing machines?

    There are several types of heat sealing machines, including impulse sealers, constant heat sealers, and band sealers. Impulse sealers use an electric current to generate heat for a brief period of time, while constant heat sealers maintain a constant level of heat. Band sealers use a continuous loop of heated material to seal the materials being sealed.

  • How do I maintain and care for my heat sealing machine?

    To maintain your heat sealing machine, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and clean the machine regularly. It is important to keep the heating element clean and free from debris, as this can affect the quality of the seal. You should also regularly inspect the machine for any wear or damage and replace any worn or damaged parts as needed. We offer maintenance and repair services for some equipment, so if you have any issues, you can always chat to us too.

  • What is a shrink wrap machine?

    A shrink wrap machine is a machine that is used to package products in shrink wrap film. The film is heated and then shrinks tightly around the product when it cools, creating a secure seal.

  • How do I buy heat sealing machines and materials from Melbourne Packaging Supplies?

    To get your hands on our high quality range of heat sealing machines and materials, all you need to do is send an enquiry or give us a call. We’ll ask you some questions to make sure you’ve got the right product for the right application.

    Not sure what you’re after? That’s what we’re here to help with.