Heat Shrink Wrap Machines

Keep your products protected, whether in storage or in transit by shrink wrapping them with a professional grade shrink wrap machine.

Perfect for protecting delicate packaging or bundling items together, a shrink wrapping machine can cut down on the size and amount of other packaging materials you’re using when shipping products.

At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer a range of shrink wrap machines that are available to customers in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Our range includes options that are suitable for small operations as well as large logistics businesses. And we also offer the shrink wrap and packaging accessories you need to use your machine.

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Shrink Wrap Machines, Accessories and Packaging Solutions from Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Packaging Materials

At Melbourne Packaging Supplies we pride ourselves on being the one stop packaging solution stop for individuals and businesses in Australia. We’ve been supplying businesses all over Australia for more than 40 years with the highest quality range of industrial packaging products – and our range of shrink wrap machines is no exception.

We have worked hard to put together a collection of products that offers not only the highest quality options but literally everything you need in one place. So, if you’re buying a shrink wrap machine from us, you’re also going to find the right shrink wrap for your application in our range too.

If you’re not sure where to start or can’t see what you’re looking for in our range online, just get in touch with us, we might be able to help you track down what you need or guide you to find the most suitable solution. We’ve been offering advice and packaging solutions for a long time now and we’re happy to help you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shrinkwrap Machines

  • What is a shrink wrap machine?

    A shrink wrap machine is a machine that is used to package products in shrink wrap film. The film is heated and then shrinks tightly around the product when it cools, creating a secure seal.

  • What are the different types of shrink wrap machines?

    There are several types of shrink wrap machines, including L-bar sealers, I-bar sealers, and chamber sealers. L-bar sealers are used for small to medium sized products and create a seal on one side of the product. I-bar sealers are similar to L-bar sealers, but create a seal on two sides of the product. Chamber sealers are larger machines that can handle a wider range of product sizes and create a seal on all four sides of the product.

  • How do shrink wrap machines work?

    Shrink wrap machines work by heating a roll of shrink wrap film and then sealing the film around the product. The sealed product is then placed in a shrink tunnel, which uses hot air to shrink the film tightly around the product.

  • What are the benefits of using a shrink wrap machine?

    There are several benefits of using a shrink wrap machine, including:

    • Increased efficiency and productivity
    • Improved product protection and tamper-evident packaging
    • Reduced labor costs
    • Enhanced visual appeal of the packaged product
  • How do I choose the right shrink wrap machine for my business?

    When choosing a shrink wrap machine, consider the size and type of products you will be packaging, the volume of products you need to package, and your budget. You should also consider the level of automation you need and the space available for the machine. It may be helpful to consult with a shrink wrap equipment supplier or manufacturer to determine the best machine for your specific needs.

  • Where can I buy shrinkwrap machines from?

    You can get shrink wrapping machines as well as the accessories and materials you need to use with it from us here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies. Our shrinkwrap machines and our entire range are available for individuals and businesses all over Australia.

  • How do I buy shrink wrap machines from Melbourne Packaging Supplies?

    To get your hands on our high quality range of shrink wrap machines, all you need to do is send an enquiry or give us a call. We’ll ask you some questions to make sure you’ve got the right product for the right application.

    Not sure what you’re after? That’s what we’re here to help with.