Plastic Packaging Supplies

Plastic Bags, shrinkwrap, polytubing, U film and plastic sheeting can be custom made to suit your application.  These products can be printed to suit your requirements. Our range of plastic products is large and too vast to list, the following are just a few of our many plastic products, zip seal bags, polybags and bin liners, pallet caps.

  • Pallet shrinkwrap and bags

    Pallet shrinkwrap and bags (6)

    We have a range of plastics available to suit pallet applications, such as our pallet bags or our pallet caps.
  • Plastic Sheeting

    Plastic Sheeting (8)

  • Poly bags

    Poly bags (6)

    Melbourne packaging stocks a range of poly bags to suit heavy duty industrial needs and smaller bags for food or smaller items. we can also custom make bags to your specifications.
  • Poly tubing

    Poly tubing (26)

    We have a range of stock poly tubing available to suit your needs. poly tubing is a continuous roll of plastic that can be cut into small bags or used to sleeve longer items such as poles, beams or pipes.
  • Seal and Ziplock bags

    Seal and Ziplock bags (32)

    We have a range of seal bags, write on panel seal bags and zip lock bags available.
  • Shrinkwrap

    Shrinkwrap (5)

    If you’re regularly using shrinkwrap in your business, you know the difference that high quality shrinkwrap can make. Which is why you need to get yours from a packaging expert, like us here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies.Our range of shrink wrap has been carefully selected to ensure we have options to suit any application. We offer Polyolefin, LDPE and Biax PVC shrinkwrap in our range in various sizes.If you’re not sure what kind of shrink wrap is best for your needs, get in touch with us today – our friendly team can help you find the right option to suit your application.Shop for industrial quality shrink wrap in Melbourne and Australia with Melbourne Packaging Supplies.