Voidfill Packaging Materials and Machinery

Melbourne Packaging Supplies has several options available to fill voids in in boxes for the safe transport of goods.  We have packaging peanuts made from a biodegradable corn starch available(Biofill) or other options like expanding pillows, Void fill bubblewrap and void fill kraft paper.

  • Air Cushions

    Air Cushions (8)

    Keep your products safe and secure while in transit with air cushion void fill materials. Air cushions are a simple and effective type of voidfill that not only keep the items you’re shipping packaged properly, but are also fast and easy to use, only requiring a small machine for inflation.Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer a range of air pillows and cushions in a wide variety of sizes to suit your packaging needs in Australia. Not only do we have the air cushion materials you need, but we’ve also got the air pillow packaging machines you need too.Whether you’re shopping for packaging products and void fill materials for a business or for personal use, we’ve got you covered here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies.[embed width="580" height="500"]https://youtu.be/oNgV0wbNDZI[/embed]
  • Biofill

    Biofill (1)

    Biodegradable and recyclable void fill, Australian made and supplied in 400L bags. Loose fill is an easy to use void fill solution for transporting your goods.
  • Cardboard Shredder

    Cardboard Shredder (4)

    Make your business processes eco-friendlier with the addition of a cardboard shredding machine. Carboard shredders can turn your scrap cardboard, such as boxes and cardboard sheets into shreds that you can used as void fill and protective packaging.A cardboard shredder can also make it easier for you to breakdown large pieces of cardboard to make disposal and recycling of them easier too.At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer a range of cardboard shredders with various sizes available, so whether you’re looking for something to suit your small business or large industrial warehouse, we’ve got something for you.Shop cardboard shredders in Australia with Melbourne Packaging Supplies.
  • Paper void fill

    Paper void fill (7)

    If you’re looking for a protective packaging solution for your business, whether your business is small, medium, large or e-commerce, at Melbourne Packaging Supplies we’ve got what you need to ensure your products are being shipped safely and securely.We offer a carefully selected range of protective paper void fill products, including dispensers, machinery and the paper void fill materials too.Paper void fill is a great option when it comes to protecting your shipments as it can be used to wrap products as well as fill gaps and spaces in your packaging. It is also an environmentally friendly option, with our entire paper packaging range being made from recyclable kraft paper.Shop with Australia’s packaging experts at Melbourne Packaging Supplies for your protective packaging paper void fill materials and machinery.
  • Whats the cheapst void fill solution?

    In all our costing analysis of what is the cheapest void fill per liter filled. it always comes out as air pillows. Followed by Biofill and paper and lastly Bubblewrap. Bubblewrap been significantly higher than any other option to void fill. Prices and delivery options on void fill are also a major factor, customers in regional locations not near bubblewrap or void fill manufacturers will certainly see far better void filling costs with air pillows or paper.

  • Whats the best void fill solution?

    The best is subjective, but if we work on what would protect your products the best. Biofill or loose fill is potentially the worst as products in transport can move in void fill, its especially bad for glass bottles etc in a single box and the heavy bottle will just shuffle itself to the bottom of the package. We would say because of the absorption and air transfer properties of air pillows it would make them the best.

  • Whats the best Eco friendly void fill solution?

    Biofill made from biodegradable and composable corn starch is hard to beat. anything paper would be the next best option.