Bubble Wrap Protective Packaging and Accessories

Our bubblewrap is made in Australia, available in 10mm, 20mm  and 32mm bubbles. Bubblewrap comes standard in a 1500mm wide roll, that can be slit for your needs. Bubblewrap is used for protection of goods during storage or transportation.

Bubblewrap is made to product goods from impact during transport. Bubblewrap comes in rolls upto 1500mm wide so its great for wrapping large items. Smaller sized bubblewrap can then be used to wrap smaller intricate items.

  • Where is bubblewrap made?

    All our bubblewrap is made in Australia.

  • What size bubble do you have avalible?

    We have bubblewrap available in 10mm, 20mm, and 32mm.

  • What is double sided bubblewrap?

    Double sided bubblewrap refers to 2 layers of film, you have the backing layer of film and then the bubble, then a another layer of film over the bubble, creating 2 smooth layers of plastic with the bubble in the middle. double sided bubblewrap does NOT refer to having 2 layers of bubble on the one sheet.

  • Is bubblewrap recycale?

    Good question!… Yes is is kinda, our bubblewrap is type 4 for LDPE and can be recycled by specialised recyclers. But due to lack of government infrastructure for recycling this sort of product, its not available to the general public. So yes, but no. If you have regular or volume good quality LDPE to recycle we maybe able to help you.