Pallet Corner Protectors and Strap Guards

We have a range of corner protector and strap guards available in steel, cardboard and plastic. Strap guards are great to use on products that need to be strapped tight but where the strapping may damage the goods. We also have long angle boards available for pallets to protect the goods from stretch-wrap.

  • Angleboard

    Angleboard (6)

    Long cardboard corners to protect pallet corners & edges from stretch wrap and strapping.
  • Foam Edge protectors

    Foam Edge protectors (1)

    Introducing our EPE Edge Protector, the perfect solution for safeguarding your products during transport, including delicate items like wooden furniture, tables, doors, and picture frames. Crafted from expandable poly foam, it's the ideal packaging choice for protecting highly polished surfaces. These foam protectors deliver exceptional cushioning, ensuring your products with hard or sharp edges and corners remain unharmed.The EPE Edge Protector offers a large range of shapes, providing customers with a selection to meet their specific packaging needs.
  • Strap guards

    Strap guards (4)

    We have a range of metal, plastic and cardboard strap guards for protecting softer goods from strapping.