Paper Packaging Materials

We supply a range of kraft paper, newsprint paper and tissue paper for wrapping and protecting your goods.

  • Honeycomb Paper wrap

    Honeycomb Paper wrap (2)

    Protect your products with honeycomb paper wrap. Made from recyclable kraft paper, honeycomb paper wrap, also known as hex paper wrap offers a high level of protection for when you need to package and transport delicate products.Exotek Honeycomb paper wrap is a new kraft paper product. Its lightweight, versatile and offers excellent product protection. The best thing about is that it’s made from, recyclable, degradable and composable craft paper.It’s the most ecofriendly solution for wrapping items and is a great option for e-commerce packaging.Shop our range of honeycomb protective packaging below.
  • Kraft Paper

    Kraft Paper (9)

    We stock a range of Kraft paper for wrapping and protecting goods. It’s an environmentally friendly and versatile wrapping option.
  • Pallet liner sheets

    Pallet liner sheets (3)

    Pallet liner sheets are cost effective and eco friendly, the layer of sheeting makes the the goods more stable when layering between goods and to line the base of the pallet to protect the goods.