Load Restraint Materials and Equipment

Secure, efficient, and reliable load restraint strapping and accessories available at Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

  • Dunnage bags

    Dunnage bags (1)

    Inflatable air bags for securing goods in containers while in transport.
  • Elastic stretch band

    Elastic stretch band (1)

    Our new elastic stretch bands are made from clear LDPE, the same material as stretchwrap and many common plastic sheeting’s. The elastic stretch bands allow goods to be quickly bundled together at the top of pallets to prevent moving when packing, moving goods around the warehouse or in storage racks.They’re also great for then tucking in pallet caps or Angleboard to the corners of pallets.
  • Heavy Duty Lashing and Buckles

    Heavy Duty Lashing and Buckles (5)

  • Truck Corner guards

    Truck Corner guards (1)

    Heavy duty corner protectors to distribute load applied to goods and protect from ratchet straps.

Shop Load Restraint Products Australia-wide

Are you in need of reliable load restraint solutions to ensure the safe transportation of heavy loads? Look no further! MelbPack proudly presents a diverse range of load restraint products and accessories designed to provide exceptional security, efficiency, and reliability. Our high-quality load restraint solutions are specifically crafted to meet the demands of various industries, ensuring that your cargo remains secure and protected during transportation.

Here’s why our load restraint solutions are the ideal choice for your heavy load transportation needs:

  1. Superior Load Security: We understand the importance of keeping your cargo securely in place. Our load restraint products, including tie-down straps, corner protectors, and edge protectors, are designed to provide superior load security. With robust construction and high-tensile strength, our products ensure that your cargo stays in position, minimising the risk of shifting or damage during transit.
  2. Efficient Cargo Protection: Our load restraint solutions not only secure your cargo but also protect it from potential damage. Our corner protectors and edge protectors provide a cushioning effect, preventing straps and other restraints from directly contacting and potentially harming your valuable goods. This added layer of protection helps maintain the integrity and appearance of your cargo.
  3. Versatile Applications: Our load restraint solutions are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of cargo types and transportation scenarios. Whether you’re transporting construction materials, machinery, timber, or other heavy loads, our products can be customised and adjusted to suit your specific needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of load restraint options to accommodate different load sizes, shapes, and weights.
  4. Compliance with Safety Standards: We prioritise safety in all our load restraint solutions. Our products are designed to comply with relevant safety standards and regulations, ensuring that your transportation operations meet legal requirements. By choosing our load restraint solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are operating within industry guidelines and prioritizing the safety of your cargo and drivers.
  5. Compatibility with Strapping Tools: Our load restraint solutions are compatible with a range of strapping tools and equipment, allowing for efficient and consistent application. Whether you utilize manual tensioning and fastening or rely on automated systems, our load restraint products seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.
  6. Nationwide Delivery: No matter where your business is located in Australia, MelbPack ensures that you can easily access our high-quality load restraint solutions. With our nationwide delivery service, you can conveniently order online and have the products delivered directly to your facility. Enjoy the convenience of seamless purchasing from anywhere in the country.

Discover the secure, efficient, and reliable load restraint solutions from MelbPack for the safe transportation of your heavy loads. Visit our website at melbpack.com.au now to explore our range of load restraint products and find the perfect fit for your business.

MelbPack – Your Partner for Safe and Reliable Load Restraint.