Metal Strapping

Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we are specialists when it comes to steel strapping. We offer a range of high-quality steel strap, as well as the tools and accessories you need to use your steel strapping safely and properly.

We have been importing our own steel strap material and tools for decades, and we have strengthened our already comprehensive range with the addition of Australian-made BlueScope Steel strap available too.

Our carefully tried and tested range of steel strapping materials, consumables, accessories, tools, and machinery includes strapping, sealers, seals, and strapping tools (battery powered, pneumatic, and manual).

When you’re shopping for steel strapping, choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

Steel strapping kits

If you need a ready made kit for steel strapping, checkout our steel strapping kits:
Steel strapping kits

  • Battery powered Steel Strapping tools

    Battery powered Steel Strapping tools (8)

    This page is for Battery powered steel strapping tools, these tools are highly specialized for specific industries or high volume users of steel, we recommend for the typical warehouse or users looking to palletise goods, please visit our battery powered PET strapping tool range.

    Steel strapping is one the strongest and heavy-duty types of strapping out there. Commonly used to strap and/or bundle products and pallets securely, it is particularly useful for securing loads that are abrasive or have sharp edges.At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we’re specialists in steel strapping materials, products and tools. We have been importing our own steel strap material and tools for many years now and we only offer the highest quality and most effective tools because when it comes to steel strapping, using the right tools is vital to ensuring you use it properly.Our range of battery powered steel strapping tools allow you to tension your steel strap to high tension easily, and crimp seal it effortlessly. The portable handheld nature of the battery powered steel strapping tools means that you can easily take the strapping tool wherever you need to use it and not move your load. In addition to the tools you need for steel strapping, we’ve also got steel strapping materials available to purchase too. We provide the full packaging solution to you.If you’re looking for efficient and effective battery powered tools to use with steel strapping, then choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies - Australia’s experts in high quality packaging materials.
  • Heat Treated Steel Strapping

    Heat Treated Steel Strapping (2)

    Heat treated steel strapping is for users needing a high elongation and strong steel strapping.At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we offer the Australian Made Bluescope heat treated steel strapping. The heat treating process removes the brittleness from the steel allowing it to stretch and bend more before breaking and increasing its strength.It is commonly used by users strapping heavy loads of steel or for customers tip loading large packs of timber.If you’re after the highest quality heat treated steel strapping in Australia, shop our range here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies.
  • High Tensile Steel Strapping

    High Tensile Steel Strapping (4)

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies offer a range of premium green painted and waxed high manganese steel strapping for heavy loads.Our coils are thoroughly deburred for sharp edges and made from High Grade POSCO Steel. We have been importing steel strapping for over 30 years, and we stock over 60 Metric tonnes at any one time so we can cover our customers' needs.If you’re after the highest quality heavy duty high tensile steel strapping in Australia, you need Melbourne Packaging Supplies.Shop our range of hi-tensile steel strapping today.
  • Manual steel Strapping tools

    Manual steel Strapping tools (24)

    Steel strapping is one of the strongest strapping options available. Perfect for heavy duty use, here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we’re experts when it comes to steel strapping. To ensure you’re using your steel strapping as efficiently and effectively as possible, we’ve got a range of manual tools that have been designed to be used with steel strapping.Our range of steel strapping manual tools includes tensioners and sealers and make using steel strapping materials easier and safer. If you’re looking for steel strapping tools for your business, talk to us here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies today - Australia’s experts in high quality packaging materials.Shop steel strapping tools today.
  • Pneumatic Steel Strapping tools

    Pneumatic Steel Strapping tools (14)

    Steel strapping is one of the strongest and most effective types of strapping available. Having been designed to be used for heavy duty loads and purposes, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to use your steel strapping safely and effectively.That’s where we come in. Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, not only do we offer a comprehensive range of steel strapping and packaging materials to businesses and individuals all over Australia, but we also offer the tools and machinery you need too.Our range of pneumatic steel strapping tools includes tensioners and sealers to make your steel strapping applications a whole lot safer and easier.When you need premium quality packaging materials, including steel strapping pneumatic tools, you need Melbourne Packaging Supplies.Shop with Australia’s experts in steel strapping and packaging supplies today.[embed width="580" height="500"][/embed]
  • Standard Grade Steel strapping

    Standard Grade Steel strapping (7)

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies is a leading supplier of steel strapping in Australia, including premium black painted and waxed steel strapping.Our premium steel strapping coils are made from high grade POSCO steel and have been deburred for sharp edges, making them safer to handle. We import steel strapping as well as offer Australian made Bluescope steel strapping on request.You can buy your steel strapping in bulk with us as we stock over 60 metric tonnes at any time – with regular shipments to ensure we’re always in stock.If you need steel strapping in bulk, you need Melbourne Packaging Supplies.Discover our huge range of sizes available below.
  • Steel Strap Dispensers

    Steel Strap Dispensers (6)

    If you need a steel strap dispenser or cutter we have a large range to offer you. We have standard A frame dispensers in a carry model or with wheels or for users wanting a larger dispenser. We also have a heavy duty ribbon dispenser and a heavy duty rope steel strapping dispenser.
  • Steel Strapping Kits

    Steel Strapping Kits (4)

    See below our massive range of steel strapping, kits, Melbpack are importers and distributors of steel strapping and steel strapping kits, we offer entry level strapping kits and heavy duty strapping kits. We also have steel strapping kits for round packs.steel-strapping-kit[embed width="580" height="500"][/embed]Tools in strapping kits can be mixed and matched so if you see the tool you want but its not with the strapping or dispenser you need, no problems, call our sales team to discuss your needs and we can check what you want is all compatible.
  • Steel strapping Seals

    Steel strapping Seals (10)

    If you use steel strapping to secure your pallets, loads and products, then you know how important it is to have the right tools and accessories to use with your steel strapping.Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we’re experts in all things industrial packaging, especially when it comes to steel strapping and steel strapping accessories.We offer a huge range of Bluescope steel Australian made steel strapping seals, including snap on seals, PNSC short pusher seals, ZR seals, 3436P and 5436 long pusher seals.If you’re after steel strapping seals and accessories do not compromise on quality, choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies for your steel strapping needs.Check out our range of steel strapping seals below.[embed width="580" height="500"][/embed]

Manual Steel strapping tools

We have a massive range of manual steel strapping tools which we import to suit flat packs, round packs and strapping large packs of timber. We also have our premium strapping tool, the MUL20 sealless strapping tool.

Pneumatic Steel strapping tools

Our Pneumatic steel strapping tools are used for higher volume users or users strapping heavy loads, Pneuamtic strapping tools are commonly used wish pusher seals on round or small packs such as steel coils

Battery powered steel strapping tools

Battery powered steel strap tools are relatively new on the market and used in higher end applications such as the steel or timber industry.

Standard grade steel strapping

Melbpack supply Australian made Bluescope steel strapping and imported posco steel strapping.

High tensile steel strapping

Melbpack supply high tensile steel strapping as high manganese supa steel strapping or as heat treated steel strapping for the most demanding applications.

Steel strapping seals

We have a massive range of steel strapping seals, including SO seals, pusher seals and ZR seals used for various applications.

Galvanized and stainless strapping

We supply a range of galvanized and stainless steel strapping where the strapping maybe used in marine areas or for permanently attaching items with strapping

Steel Strapping tool Repairs

Melbpack sell and repair steel strapping tools. Our technicians and sales representatives are all highly familiar with strapping tools, our technicians take care of major services but our reps can easily assist you with minor jams or parts replacement.

Spare parts for strapping tools

Our field technicians carry a large range of parts on them to get you running quickly, we Stock all parts for the MUL20 sealless tool, dont get caught out buying from amateurs who don’t stock parts.

Bulk Importer and distributor

Melbpack stocks between 20 to 40 tonne of steel strapping at any one time, we’ve been importing and distributing steel strap for over 45 years. We stock from light gauge 12mm ribbon steel strapping up to 32080 heat treated steel strapping, our most common strap is 19mm ribbon.

Steel Strapping and Packaging Solutions from Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Packaging Materials

For over 40 years, Melbourne Packaging Supplies has been providing businesses in Australia with the highest quality range of Steel strapping to suit their needs.

Throughout this time, we’ve gained invaluable industry knowledge and experience, which has helped us to curate the most comprehensive range of packaging products, tools, and machines, and our range of steel strapping products is no exception to this.

Whether you’re operating a small, medium, or large sized business, at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we have got the metal strapping you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Our aim is to provide you with what you need to get the job done right, every time. Which is why we only stock high quality materials, machines, tools, and products that actually work.

If need premium steel strapping products, Steel strapping tools, Steel strapping dispenser, steel strapping cutters or other items for banding with steel strapping. Give us a call today.



Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Strapping

  • What do you think is the best tensioner to use with steel strapping?

    MUL20, next question. Kidding, but really no MUL20. For typical pallets, or timber packs or frame or anything where a flat package tensioner can be mounted, my answer will be MUL20 every time. The mul20 is quick and easy to use, but also cost effective when vs’ing Battery powered steel tensioners,(most battery steel tensioners are slower than a sealless steel strapping tool) the MUL20 has been around for decades, with many MUL20s in the field for over 2 decades now. Its a proven tool and design. The MUL20 is easy to work on and service by us, reducing labour time and easy adjustments by end users without the need for a technician.

  • What is Steel Strapping?

    Steel strapping, sometimes also known as metal strapping, is a very high tensile kind of strapping made from steel.

    It is extremely strong and most commonly used to secure heavy duty loads. It can also be used to secure smaller items and loads, with various grades of strength and widths of strapping available.

    Steel strapping does need to be carefully handled; however, it is a reliable and tough choice when it comes to securing heavy duty products for transportation.

  • What can steel strapping be used for?

    Steel strapping can be used to keep pallet loads tightly secured and products bundled together and in place whether an item is being transported or placed in storage. It is particularly great to use with items that are heavy duty, abrasive or have sharp edges as the steel is strong and takes a lot to break it.

    Its high tensile strength means that it can allow significantly sized and/or weighted products to be secure and is the strongest and most stable kind of strapping available.

    As it comes in various grades of strength, if you’re not sure the right kind of steel strapping you need, we can help you.

  • What are the benefits of using steel strapping?

    Steel strapping offers a variety of benefits when compared to other kinds of strapping, including:

    • It is the strongest kind of strapping material
    • Steel strapping can be used on a wide range of products and items, including those with sharp edges which may compromise other forms of strapping
    • It can handle heavy and oversized loads
    • It has been reliably used for a long time
  • Do you have tools and accessories to use with steel strapping?

    Yes, not only do we have a huge range of steel strapping options, including various strengths and sizes of steel strapping, but we also have a large range of steel strapping tools, accessories, and machinery that you need to use steel strapping safely and properly.

    Our range of steel strapping products includes seals, tensioners, sealers, dispensers, cutters and more. We offer tools, machinery, and accessories to suit standard and heavy-duty steel strapping usages, so no matter what you’re using steel strapping for, we’ve got everything you need to do it.

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our current range of steel strapping materials, get in touch with us here, and we’ll see what we can do.

  • How do I dispose of Steel Strapping?

    Steel strapping needs to be cut into smaller pieces to dispose of it correctly. By having it cut into smaller pieces, it means it can be recycled properly and safely at a commercial recycling facility.

    Strapping cutter machines are available to purchase from Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

  • Why choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies for steel strapping?

    Here at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we’re proud to offer you a full packaging solution. Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, you need reliable packaging and logistic solutions, and with us, you’re going to find them.

    We’ve got more than 40 years of operational experience and from this, we’ve been able to put together a selection of the highest quality and most effective packaging and logistics products, tools and machinery, and our range of steel strapping materials, machinery and equipment is no exception.

    Whether you’re just starting our or you’re looking to grow your current operations, our team can offer you advice and a strong product range to help you get the job done. We also want to be your one stop packaging solution shop, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re after, let us know and we’ll help you track it down.

    Our range of steel strapping, steel strapping tools, machinery and accessories are premium quality and is extensive, so next time you need steel strapping Australia, look no further than Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

  • Where can I purchase steel strapping from?

    All of our steel Strap products, including our tools and machinery, are available to customers in Melbourne, Victoria and throughout Australia.

    You also have the option to collect your order from our Kilsyth, Melbourne-based warehouse.

  • Can you help me create a packaging solution for my business?

    We certainly can.

    Our many years of experience have afforded us the ability to create an efficient and effective package solution for any size business.

    Using our industry knowledge and hands-on experience, we can work closely with you to help you find the materials, machinery, and equipment that you need to make your business work the best it can.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a way to reduce costs without losing productivity, we’ve got you covered. We offer you everything you need to package, transport, and store your products properly.

    If you have your eye on a particular type of steel strapping product or you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us via out enquiry form and we can have one of our experienced team members contact you today!

    Work with Melbourne Packaging Supplies for your industrial logistics and packaging needs.

  • What tools do i need for use with steel strapping?

    That will depend on your goods size, their weight and the way they’re packaged. Smaller items packaged with steel with a low diameter such as engineering steel or around a coil may need a pusher style tensioner like a ZR TENSIONER or pneumatic as a regular flat pack tension is hard to mount and remove where others will be fine with a flat package tensioner. 

  • Do I need a dispenser for steel strapping?

    As our steel strapping will want to lay perfectly flat, making it easy to feed under goods, it wont want to stay in its coil once the coil is cut open. we recommend the use of one of our ribbon steel strapping dispensers found here.


  • What is the difference between ribbon steel strapping and rope steel strapping?

    So rope / oscillated steel strapping, is always on 406mm inner diameter cores, with approx a 45mm coil face. the rolls weight approx 45kg. Ribbon steel strapping in Australia is commonly on 150-200mm inner diameter cores on a 15 kg roll. the roll is always the same width as the strap.

  • Can i use buckles on steel strapping?

    No, steel strapping required the use of seals or a sealless tool. steel strapping is too hard to bend through a buckle. if you have seen steel strapping folded over, its likely in a pusher seal or ZR seal.

  • Will steel strapping rust?

    Oh my yes. the painted and waxed surface will give it some protection for abit of time, but if the steel is exposed it will rust. If you need better protection from rusting try stainless or galvanized steel strapping.

  • Can i put this steel around a small pack of bars? my current tensioner doesn’t work, it gets stuck.

    Yes you can but you will require what is called a pusher tensioner such as our ZR tensioner or our feedwheel pusher tensioner.

  • Why do you invoice per KG and not per roll, wouldn’t that be easier?

    No, as a wholesaler, the rolls weight vary too much from any supplier, Rope steel strapping rolls can vary upto 8 kg. you should be wary of anybody invoicing steel per roll if its not weighed as you might be getting underweight coils. AAK6A ribbon varies about +/- 1kg

  • How can I tension round packs?

    to tension round packs you will need a pusher tensioner, typically a tensioner with a triangle nose which pushes up against pusher seals. see our video here of how its done.


  • Do you have battery powered tools avalible for steel strapping?

    Yes we do, please see 2 of our battery powered steel strapping tensioners here, please note these are for high end industrial requirements like coil steel and plate steel. Most customers looking to use a battery powered tool should look into a battery powered PET strapping tool