Battery Powered Strapping Tools for Steel Strapping

This page is for Battery powered steel strapping tools, these tools are highly specialized for specific industries or high volume users of steel, we recommend for the typical warehouse or users looking to palletise goods, please visit our battery powered PET strapping tool range.

Steel strapping is one the strongest and heavy-duty types of strapping out there. Commonly used to strap and/or bundle products and pallets securely, it is particularly useful for securing loads that are abrasive or have sharp edges.

At Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we’re specialists in steel strapping materials, products and tools. We have been importing our own steel strap material and tools for many years now and we only offer the highest quality and most effective tools because when it comes to steel strapping, using the right tools is vital to ensuring you use it properly.

Our range of battery powered steel strapping tools allow you to tension your steel strap to high tension easily, and crimp seal it effortlessly. The portable handheld nature of the battery powered steel strapping tools means that you can easily take the strapping tool wherever you need to use it and not move your load. In addition to the tools you need for steel strapping, we’ve also got steel strapping materials available to purchase too. We provide the full packaging solution to you.

If you’re looking for efficient and effective battery powered tools to use with steel strapping, then choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies – Australia’s experts in high quality packaging materials.

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Steel Strapping Battery Powered Tools, Accessories and Packaging Solutions from Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Packaging Materials

Melbourne Packaging Supplies has been providing individuals and businesses all over Australia with high quality and truly effective packaging tools, machinery and equipment for more than 40 years now.

Over this time, we’ve not only been able to learn a lot about the logistics, warehouse and packaging industries, but we’ve also been able to curate a range to suit all sorts of needs. Whether you’re running a small business from your home, or you operate a huge logistics warehouse, our range has something for you.

Even if you’re not sure what you’re after, our team is here to help you. We aim to help our customers improve their processes to save time and money with new efficient practices and the right packaging tools and materials.

Whether you’re after battery powered tools to make using steel strapping easier and more effective or you need a different packaging solution, we’ve got what you need at Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Powered Steel Strapping Tools

  • What industries do these tools suit?

    We have a range of tools to suit various industries, but these tools are more specialized for the steel coil, steel plate, engineering steel or steel distributors and timber industries doing large round packs.

  • What is a pusher tensioner?

    A pusher tensioner uses a seal, the steel is bent over to allow the steel strapping tensioner to mount the seal and goods with minimal surface area, this allows for tight tensioning of round or small packs.

  • Is a battery steel strapping tool faster than a manual tool?

    Only the SLB sealless tool is faster than a manual tool, since all the other tools are pusher style tensioners for round packs, the time to strap each band is slower due to threading on the seal first. For users wanting a fast battery tool for flat packs, we recommended a battery powered PET strapping tool.

  • Can I buy steel strapping as well as the tools and accessories to use with it at Melbourne Packaging Supplies?


    In addition to our range of steel strapping battery powered tools, we also have the steel strapping and any accessories you may need to use them properly. We offer a full packaging solution here at MelbPack, so you don’t need to worry about having to go anywhere else to get everything you need.

  • Why choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies for battery powered steel strapping tools?

    We offer only the highest quality battery powered strapping tools for steel strapping because we believe in only offering products that are going to work and the best in their field. You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality.

    In addition to offering a high quality range of products, we also offer a huge range of packaging products, so no matter your needs we’ve got you covered.

    And our years of industry experience doesn’t hurt either. We’ve been in the industrial packaging game for more than 40 years now and we know how to help you find just what you need to suit your application. So, whatever you’re doing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we can help you find just what you need.

  • Can you help me create a packaging solution to suit my needs?

    We certainly can.

    Our many years of experience means that we have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve helped them to find the best solution to suit their needs.

    As we offer such a broad range of products, it means that we can help you find everything you need to suit your operations.

    Whether you’re a big business or a solo venture, we can help you find just what you need to get the job done properly.