Steel Strapping Kits

See below our massive range of steel strapping, kits, Melbpack are importers and distributors of steel strapping and steel strapping kits, we offer entry level strapping kits and heavy duty strapping kits. We also have steel strapping kits for round packs.


Tools in strapping kits can be mixed and matched so if you see the tool you want but its not with the strapping or dispenser you need, no problems, call our sales team to discuss your needs and we can check what you want is all compatible.

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Steel Strapping tool Repairs

Melbpack sell and repair steel strapping tools. Our technicians and sales representatives are all highly familiar with strapping tools, our technicians take care of major services but our reps can easily assist you with minor jams or parts replacement.

Spare parts for strapping tools

Our field technicians carry a large range of parts on them to get you running quickly, we Stock all parts for the MUL20 sealless tool, dont get caught out buying from amateurs who don’t stock parts.

Bulk Importer and distributor

Melbpack stocks between 20 to 40 tonne of steel strapping at any one time, we’ve been importing and distributing steel strap for over 45 years. We stock from light gauge 12mm ribbon steel strapping up to 32080 heat treated steel strapping, our most common strap is 19mm ribbon.