Hand Pallet Wrap

Stretch wrap that can be applied by hand has been designed to help you protect your stock efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re wrapping pallets for transit or bundling items for storage, at Melbourne Packaging Supplies, we stock a huge range of hand stretch wrap film to suit your wrapping needs.

Our range of stretch wrap includes blown hand stretch wrap, cast hand stretch wrap and maxstretch hand stretch wrap. You can get hand stretch wrap film in various sizes and strengths – including puncture resistance options and options for those who are bundling large items and small items.

We also offer a range of stretch wrap accessories, including dispensers to make your stretch film application as efficient as possible.

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  • Blown Hand Stretchwrap

    Blown Hand Stretchwrap (12)

    Our hand blown stretchwrap is a premium line of film. The Blown extrusion process interlocks the stretchwrap partials creating a strong and puncture resistant film, an adhesive layer is then added so the film can cling better in dusty environments.
  • Bundling Film

    Bundling Film (3)

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies stocks a premium pre-stretched bunding film and a standard cast bundling film, bundling film is great to bundling long products together or to give dust and scratch resistance to products been shipped.
  • Cast hand Stretchwrap

    Cast hand Stretchwrap (4)

    As experts in packaging products and equipment you can be sure we only offer the highly quality range of packaging products and accessories in Australia, and our range of cast hand stretch wrap is no exception to this.We offer a new range of Australian made cast hand film pallet stretch wrap that has been made on a high-speed extruder. Our cast hand stretch wrap has been developed to offer you an affordable, yet still extremely high-quality pallet wrap film.Our cast film is particularly great for customers wrapping high gloss products, like laminate directly – it has no adhesive layer meaning that it leaves no residue. Its smooth surface allows it to easily cling to itself and our clear variety allows for barcodes under the stretch wrap to be scanned easily.You can get our hand cast stretch pallet wrap in clear or black, and in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses.Talk to us today about your cast hand stretch wrap needs.
  • Coloured hand pallet wrap

    Coloured hand pallet wrap (1)

    If you ever felt the need to wrap your goods in colored pallet wrap, be it for identification, batching, branding, or security. We'll have you wrapped.
  • Eco hand Stretchwrap

    Eco hand Stretchwrap (2)

    MPS have a range of eco hand wraps, which are more environmentally friendly than regular hand wraps. Our eco hand wraps consist of stretchwrap using recycled waste and compostable materials.Melbpack have over 45 years experience in packaging, were about selling reliable products that work well in industrial applications.
  • Maxstretch Hand Stretchwrap

    Maxstretch Hand Stretchwrap (2)

    Maxstretch is a new kind of cast stretchwrap, made with the latest technology it allows a much thinner film to be as strong as conventional cast films. The maxstretch also comes in light weight rolls to reduce users fatigue and back strain when manually wrapping pallets.
  • Vented and netting

    Vented and netting (5)

    We can supply hand ventilated stretch film for products such as produce that require fresh air to breath.

Hand Stretch Wrap and Packaging Solutions from Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Packaging Materials

For more than 40 years, Melbourne Packaging Supplies have been industry leaders when it comes to industrial packaging and logistics products and equipment. We offer only high-quality packaging products that we know work because our interest is in finding efficient and effective products.

Our range of hand stretch wrap film products is no exception. We’ve worked hard to find the best quality stretch films that are easy to use, cost effective, and actually work. If you can’t find what you’re after in our range, just let us know and we’ll help you track down what you’re after.

We want to help you make your business and its processes work seamlessly, and our range has been carefully selected to do just this.

So, if you need premium packaging consumables, tools, and machinery, then you need Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Stretch Wrap Film

  • What is hand stretch wrap?

    Hand stretchwrap is a thin plastic film that is stretchable and is used to secure packages and goods onto pallets or together to make transportation and/or storage a lot easier and safer.

    Hand stretch wrap film is able to be applied by hand, which means compared to stretch wrap for machines, the rolls are usually smaller to make the application process easier.

  • What can I use hand stretch wrap for?

    Pallet stretch wrap that can be used by hand can be used to secure and protect all sorts of items and products.

    It is most commonly used to bundle items together or secure loads to pallets to make the transportation of the products a lot safer. By securing with the film, it creates stability in the products, as well as provides a protective layer which helps to protect against damage that may occur during transit.

    Hand stretchwrap film is also commonly used to bundle items together, both for transportation and storage.

    It is also more commonly used by businesses that package and ship low volumes of products.

  • What are the benefits of hand stretch wrap film?

    There are lots of benefits that come from using hand applied stretch wrap film, including but not limited to the following:

    • It’s easy to use and you don’t necessarily need extra accessories or tools to use with it.
    • There are lots of varieties available to suit all sorts of applications and businesses
    • It’s a cost-effective option for businesses who are not packaging and shipping large volumes of products
    • It’s long-lasting, making it particularly good for businesses who are not using large amounts of film
    • The use of hand stretch wrap (or any kind of stretch wrap film) helps to protect your items when in transit
    • It’s extremely versatile, making it easy to wrap up all kinds of items, including awkward and oversized loads.
  • Can I recycle hand stretch wrap film?

    Yes, stretch wrap can be recycled, however, in most instances, you cannot recycle it in your standard recycling bins, rather you need to organise a collection or drop off to commercial recycling facilities.

  • Why Choose Melbourne Packaging Supplies for hand stretch wrap film and accessories?

    After more than 40 years of experience in the packaging industry we’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to effective and worthwhile packaging options.

    Our range of consumables, tools, and machinery, including our range of hand stretch wrap film has been carefully chosen based on our extensive experience. We don’t sell a product for the sake of selling it, we sell packaging products that work.

    Whether your business is small, medium, or large in size, if you need packaging and warehousing supplies, we’ve got you covered. We have what you need to get your business started, to help you grow your business, or to make your processes more efficient.

    Our friendly team is also here to offer you plenty of advice – so work with Melbourne Packaging Supplies to find the right packaging solution for you.

  • Where can I purchase hand stretch wrap film from?

    All of our products, including our hand stretch wrap products, are available to customers in Melbourne, Victoria and throughout Australia.

    You also have the option to collect your order from our Kilsyth, Melbourne-based warehouse.

  • Can you help me create a packaging solution for my business?

    We certainly can!

    Our friendly team is available to help you find the most efficient and cost=effective solution to suit your packaging and logistics needs.

    We know that it can be difficult to find the right solution – whether you’re starting out or trying to figure out the best process for your business.

    But that’s what we’re here for. Discuss your needs and what you’re looking for with us and we will work with you to find the best products and equipment for you.

    If you have your eye on a particular hand stretch wrap product or you have no idea where to start, get in touch with us via our enquiry form and we can have one of our experienced team members get in touch with you!