Packaging Tapes and Labeling Products

Melbourne Packaging Supplies stocks a vast range of tapes and labels, from standard packaging tapes to specialist tapes like filament, masking and duct tape, we also stock a range of printed tapes and labels for despatch centres for hazard identification.

  • Eco Friendly Tapes

    Eco Friendly Tapes (5)

    We have a range of eco friendly tapes, including craft tape, masking tapes, water activated tapes and identification tapes.
  • Identification Labels

    Identification Labels (39)

    We have a range of warning tape and labels for the identification of hazardous goods and easily identify fragile or heavy goods.
  • Masking Tapes

    Masking Tapes (14)

    We stock standard temperature resistance crepe paper masking tape with a rubber solvent adhesive in multiple widths.
  • Packaging Tapes

    Packaging Tapes (35)

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies stocks a range of packaging tapes to suit a variety of applications. If you would like to call us we can advise the correct tape for your application. Typically though for sticking to cardboard you should use a tape with a rubber based or hot melt adhesive. If you’re looking for a cheaper tape then try our acrylic, its also great for sticking to plastic and performs well in the UV.  
  • Paper Labels

    Paper Labels (7)

    We have a range of fluoro labels and computer labels to help label and identify your goods.
  • Specialty Tapes

    Specialty Tapes (58)

    Unlock versatility and reliability for your packaging and labelling needs at Melbourne Packaging Supplies.
  • Taping Accessories

    Taping Accessories (8)

    Enhance efficiency and convenience in your packaging processes with taping accessories and dispenser available Australia-wide from Melbourne Packaging Supplies.