Carton and Packing Tapes

Melbourne Packaging Supplies stocks a range of packaging tapes to suit a variety of applications. If you would like to call us we can advise the correct tape for your application. Typically though for sticking to cardboard you should use a tape with a rubber based or hot melt adhesive. If you’re looking for a cheaper tape then try our acrylic, its also great for sticking to plastic and performs well in the UV.  

  • Machine PP

    Machine PP (1)

    If you’re running a machine taping machine we have various grades of machine tape available, hot melt or synthetic rubber will be the best performing tapes for cartons as the adhesive is fast active and it can keep up with the high speed of a taping machine.
  • PP Acrylic Tape

    PP Acrylic Tape (2)

    Our acrylic tape is great for customers looking for a general purpose cheap tape, is adheres excellent to plastic surfaces and preforms well in the UV making it the ideal tape to use with timberwrap or around pallet of stretchwrap, plastic sheeting or bubblewrap.
  • PP Hot melt

    PP Hot melt (5)

    Our hot melt PP is our midrange tape, it offers good adhesive to plastic and cardboard and adheres to surfaces fast, it also performs well in both cold and hot environments.
  • PP Rubber Tape

    PP Rubber Tape (12)

    Natural rubber adhesive is one of the best performing tape adhesives types, it’s the go to choice for sticking to cardboard, especially recycled cardboard and it’s the best choice for goods going to the more humid states where the lifting of tapes can typically be a problem.
  • Water Activated Tape

    Water Activated Tape (14)

    We offer a selection of water-activated tape suitable for both manual and electronic dispensers, available in standard, reinforced, brown, and white varieties.Gummed paper tape harnesses the power of water to activate its adhesive properties, delivering a robust and environmentally-friendly bond to secure your cartons. This tape is offered in various dimensions for your specific requirements.Water-activated gum tape provides a cost-effective and eco-conscious solution for your packaging sealing needs. It excels in adhesion, forming a sturdy connection with the carton surface.What sets it apart is its composition, crafted from renewable resources such as kraft paper and vegetable-based adhesive, resulting in a product that is fully biodegradable and recyclable—unlike tapes derived from plastic materials.