20mm Bubblewrap 1520mm x 100m. Made in Australia by Polycell. Transport your fragile items safely. The 20mm bubble will absorb impact and prevent damage

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10mm (S) 1520mm x 100m Bubble wrap Double Sided. Made in Australia by Polycell. Transport your fragile items safely. The 10mm bubble will absorb impact and prevent damage



  • Great for storing or transporting delicate items.
  • 10mm Sized bubble
  • Made in Australia by Polycell
  • Good at absorbing shock in transport.

10mm (S) 1520mm x 100m Bubblewrap Double Sided

Technical data

L x W x H CM:60x60x150cm
Bubble size:10mm
Material typeLDPE
Recycling Number4 Low-density polyethylene


We can custom slit this roll to your desired width say to 4×375 and perforate the rolls into tear able sheets.

Availability and delivery
The P10 handy wrap is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Melbourne Metro: 1-4 Business days
Regional Victoria: 4-7 Business days
Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide Metro: Contact us for availability
All other locations: TBA

Dispatch lead time is from when funds are received, orders processed after 2pm may not be despatched until the next day to deliveries outside of Melbourne metro.


Which side of the bubble wrap goes on the outside?
When using bubble wrap a common mistake some people make, is wrapping your item with the bubbles on the outside. To get the best use of your bubble wrap always put the bubbles against what you are wrapping.

Will my product be protected by just the bubble wrap during transport/shipping?
For example, if you are sending an item in a shipping box then you should know that the bubble wrap will not provide sufficient protection. To make sure the items are secure inside the box we advise filling the empty space in the box with our biofill.

 What is bubble wrap best used for?
Bubble wrap is mostly used for fragile items but also used to protect items such as furniture, car parts, wall art and even fruit.

Will the bubble wrap last in storage?
Bubble wrap is made to last and is suited for long term storage.