Air Pillow Packaging System To keep your packing process humming, you will need the Air3 ᵀᴹ which combines great cushioning performance, simple operation and time-saving productivity!


  • Smaller footprint, bigger impact. A robust design that takes up less space but can still take on heavy-duty packing challenges.
  • Give productivity a rally. With a 17m/min Run rate, you can efficiently pack large or small batches of orders.
  • No training required. Let’s you perform up to twenty different pre-settings with the press of a button.
  • Lower carbon footprint. We believe every child deserves a future, save the world, you can too.
  • Endless versatility. Additional support options are available, such as pedal control, table stand, automatic hopper delivery systems, coiler and movable delivery system etc.

Air3 Pillow machine, packaging pillow inflation machine

Pillows available:

Type Size
Type 1 110mm x 200mm x 900m)
Type 2 200mm x 200mm x 900m)
Type 3 320mm x 400mm x 534m)
Type 4 50mm x 200mm x 900m)