Air Cushion pillows – Size 1

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Air Cushion pillows – Size 1

Our air cushion runs on the Air3 Pillow machine. the air cushion pillow is 100mm x 200mm, and is the most popular size for void filling, padding products.

Air pillows can be used to wrap products, fill voids, brace products in cartons and stop them from moving.

Air pillows save you significant storage space over, 1 roll of size 2 on demand pillows inflates to 5500litres of space, thats about 13 bags of Biofill. From a roll the size of a shoebox.

Type 1110mm x 200mm x 900m)

Air pillows are made from LDPE and are reusable and recyclable.


How much void fill will 1 roll of film get me?
On our size 1 film for the air 3, you will get around 4000L of space filled, its the equivalent of just over 10 bags of Biofill.

Do i need a machine to run this film??
Yes you will need our Air 3 pillow making machine

Can i see if this pillow to see if its suitable?
We can either come out onsite to show you the machine or send you a sample of the pillows pre-inflated

Are there other size of pillows available?
yes they are 3 other sizes of air pillows available

Are the pillows biodegradable?
Unfortunately not currently  not.

Do you have a paper void fill option?
Yes we have some exiting new things coming at the end of 2021, please contact us for more info.

How easy is it to change pillow sizes?
Its pretty easy, place the roll on the machine, feed it into the machine then adjust the machine to the preset’s for that roll size and you’re good to go.

Is pillows the best void fill option?
Pillows are one of the most presentable and cost effective void fill options.

What are the advantages of pillows over packaging peanuts?
The main advantage is pillows are on demand, 1 roll of pillows expands to over 13 bags of biofill, that’s literally a truckload(small truck) of space that one roll takes up prior to expanding. Pillows also look great. Also with air transfer technology they wrap around your product to preform a protective barrier capable of absorbing shock greater than other void fill options. Air cushions also unlike packaging peanuts means your product cant move once wrapped, preventing damage to the product.

Can I use the Air 3 pillows on my existing machine?
It may, that depends on how the machine seals and if the airflow can be adjusted, we can help you check if you want to run the air pillows on your current machine.

what other types of void fill are there?
See one of our blog posts here

Where can I find more info on inhabitable air cushions?
Checkout wikipedia here please note that not all info here may relate specifically to our product.