Air Pillow Machine XC-4000

Product information:

The XC4000 Air pillow machine takes rolls of pillows, inflates them with air and seals them for use as packaging void fill meaning your items will be protected during transport. It is compatible with bubble wrap, bubble envelope and air pillows and can be changed between them easily with the press of one button.
With no preheating required and a speed of  up to 25m per minute, the XC4000 is an easy, fast and efficient machine requiring less maintenance due to there being no belt.

The XC4000 air pillow void fill packaging machine is an effective protective packaging option, that also saves on space that other void fill materials can’t.



  • Speed, air and temperature adjustable
  • No belt, less maintenance
  • No preheating required
  • Well sealed with no air leakage


XC-4000, Mini Air Pro Pillow Machine

Technical data:



The Pillows 

We have a range of air cushions to suit your application, air cushions protect sensitive and fragile goods in transport.
They can be used to wrap products, fill voids, brace products in cartons and stop them from moving.





How do I purchase the Air Pillow void fill machine?
Give us a call or use the inquiry form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

Do you have a paper void fill option?
Yes we do. Please see our range of paper void fill here

How easy is it to change pillow sizes?
It’s pretty easy, place the roll on the machine, feed it into the machine then its good to go.

Do you sell the packaging pillows for this machine?
That’s why we’re here! we have multiple pillow sizes available

Is pillows the best void fill option?
Pillows are one of the most presentable and cost effective void fill options.

What are the advantages of pillows over packaging peanuts?
The main advantage is pillows are on demand, 1 roll of pillows expands to over 13 bags of biofill, that’s literally a truckload (small truck) of space that one roll takes up prior to expanding. Pillows also look great. Also with air transfer technology they wrap around your product to preform a protective barrier capable of absorbing shock greater than other void fill options. Air cushions also unlike packaging peanuts means your product cant move once wrapped, preventing damage to the product.

what other types of void fill are there?
See one of our blog posts here

Where can I find more info on inhabitable air cushions?
Checkout wikipedia here please note that not all info here may relate specifically to our product.