Mytho S Ayra- Automatic pallet wrapper with PreStretch – XF-5113SA-Black Edition

It now comes in Black, the all new Mytho S Automatic pallet wrapper Black Edition is here. The Mytho S Ayra revolutionizes Automatic pallet wrapping machines, with pneumatic power not needed – this is fully electric.

The Mytho S pallet wrapper does away with all pneumatic components to achieve automation, reducing cost to buy, cost to maintain and increases reliability. The Mytho S with Ayra pallet wrapper Attachment is untouchable in quality and price vs competing Pneumatic Powered machines.

The new Ayra system brings automatic pallet wrappers to an all new price level.
The Ayra system, blows wrapping onto the pallet, for automatic attachment of film, the auto cut then cuts it off after wrapping the pallet.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
The all new Arya system dispenses wrap by blowing the film onto the pallet wraps the pallet to your desired parameters and automatically cuts it off, because the only interaction with the machine is a button or remote, its automatic.

7″ Touch screen
The 7″ touch screen and its functions open up the world of INDUSTRY 4.0, INDUSTRY 4.0 refers to the 4th industrial revolution focusing on inter-connectivity, automation, machine learning and real time data. The 7 Inch touch screen allows for, Preventative predictive maintenance, remote maintenance and programming, diagnose remotely, and on cloud service.

If you’re a higher volume user wrapping over 30 pallets per day, the Mytho S Ayra,  with its advanced PRS stretches wrap from 1m to 3.5m for 250% prestretch. This could potentially save you thousands per year on wrapping costs. The Advanced PRS powered prestretch system can save you thousands by stretching 1m of wrap to 3,5m, premium wrap like our EXOTEK EVOLUTION must be used for best results.






Want to buy the Mytho S Arya?
Please call use to buy or for a quote on the Mytho S Ayra automatic pallet wrapper.

Feature Summery.

  • PRS carriage, Stretch 1m to 3M
  • Remote automatic Start
  • Automatic pallet Height detection
  • Auto film attach and cutting
  • Full color Touchscreen LCD interface.
  • 99 Fully adjustable Auto programs, Plus manual mode of operation.
  • Over 30 adjustable parameters, see below for complete list.
  • 2000kg Capacity
  • 2500mm Wrapping height (TBC)
  • 1650mm diameter turntable for Australian and export pallets.
  • Made in Italy by Atlanta Stretch.
  • Built with German Lenze inverters and omron electrics.


  • Bottom pallet wrapping rounds from 1 to 10
  • Top pallet wrapping rounds from 1 to 10
  • Rotation speed adjustable from 5 to 12 rpm
  • Spool carriage speed upwards and downwards independently adjustable
  • Spool carriage speed upwards speed from 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
  • Spool carriage speed downwards speed from 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
  • All function parameters settable on display
  • Photocell sensing delay
  • All function parameters settable on display
  • Weight of film used (Option on PRS – PS)
  • Key block



  • Double cycle (Upwards / Downwards)
  • Single cycle (Only upwards or only downwards)
  • Top sheet cycle
  • Wrapping cycle with altimeter (Photocell Off)
  • Wrapping cycle with start and stop height pre-programmed
  • Wrapping cycle with reinforcement and settable number of wraps
  • Wrapping cycle with step rising of spool carriage
  • Slow softstart for applying corner protectors
  • Step cycle mode for wrapping reinforcement and settable number of reinforcement wraps.
  • Manual wrapping program
  •  Push-buttons for manual functions



  • Turntable Ø 1650 mm
  • Max. load weight: 2000 Kg
  • Wrapping height (Pallet included) 2500 mm
  • Base-frame turntable height 75mm
  • Load height sensing photocell and altimeter
  • Acceleration / Deceleration ramps controlled by frequency changer
  • Spool carriage upwards/downwards speeds controlled by frequency changer
  •  Safety carriage foot protection
  •  Beeper at cycle start and phase stopping at cycle end
  • Emergency mushroom & reset push-button according to latest CE Norms
  • Safe enclosed mast design with chain drive.


Total installed power0,75 KW – 1,00 KW (with carriage PRS / PS)
Standard input voltage230V mono-phase – 50/60 Hhz 10AMP
OutletAU standard plug



PRS – Power Roller Stretch –
Capable of stretching wrap to predefined rations, 150%, 200% and 250% giving users excellent wrapping efficiency. (x2.5 – 3.5 yield)

Prestretch system System with cover removed:




Atlanta stretch are on of the largest machine builders in the world, trusted for the high quality machine design and robustness. Buying an Atlanta machine through Melbpack you have the backup from Melbpack and Atlanta Stretch.

Atlanta stretch wrapping machines are of modular design, they all use the same parts where they can, increasing spare parts availability. The machine and boards are designed for simple aftermarket addons, such as heater unit, auto cut, light tower. Roping device, slit film cutter, remote control and scales.

Atlanta Stretch pallet wrapping machines machines use off the shelf components from major parts providers such as Lenze, Omron, Motovario and micro-detectors. Increasing the quality of the parts and availability of them. Atlanta uses very few custom parts or boards, increasing the life expectancy of the machine due to parts availability and interchangeability of the parts.

Melbpack import our Machines from Atlanta Stretch with 1650mm turntables to suit AU sized chep and Loscam pallets. By importing machines with this size turntable our machines fit the pallet fully on the turntable with no overhang. This is important when using a ramps because the pallet wont hit the ramp unlike machines imported with a 1500mm turntable.


Where and who by is this Automatic pallet wrapper built?
The Mytho is built in Italy by Atlanta Stretch, Watch a video below of it being built.

Do i need any special power requirements to run this Machine?
No this will fit into any standard 230/240v AU plug. 10Amp Plug.

Can i run this Machine in Manual mode as i have irregular pallets?
Yes you can, the Mytho has a manual mode of operation where you can manually turn the turntable by the interface and control the carriage height manually through the interface.

What is a PPS unit?
A PPS unit is a powered prestretch machine, this is the carriage where the film sits and is dispensers from the PPS unit stretches the wrap from 1m to over 3m giving users a high stretchwrap yield. The PPS system on the Mytho is refereed to a PRS for single motor or PS for twin motor variable system.

Is it easy to load the film?
The PRS powered prestretch carriage is very easy to load, the film just needs to sit on the holder, you open the door of the machine, grab the film and place it through the door and close it.

What makes this machine an automatic pallet wrapper?
The all new Arya system dispenses wrap by blowing the film onto the pallet. and automatically cuts it off, because the only interaction with the machine is a button or remote, its automatic.



These options are Bolt on and can be added by MPS, other options requiring changes to the mast or frame etc, will be custom build orders.

  • Height sensing photocell for black or shining products (Stock)
  • Sonic sensor for items such as wrapping chairs or hollow goods. where infrared or photo logic isn’t suitable.
  • A – Ramp for plate  Ø 1650 mm (Stock at Melbpack)
  • 150% or 250% Gear-set for pre-stretch
  • Scales

Upgrade options

The Mytho  is the most configurable machine, many attachments or options can simply be bolted on after purchased with Atlanta Stretches modular design. Please see our options category for just some of the options available.