Melbpack can custom make and print timberwrap to your requirements.

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Melbpack can arrange to have your own timber wrap made to your preferred size and specification. We can can also print your logo and company name details, whatever you require.

We can manufacture in:

LDPE, Low Density polyethylene
The most common flexible packaging we supply as its one of the cheapest and most versatile, it offers good strength and in virgin & very high clarity in clear.

MDPE, Medium Density Polyethylene.
Stronger and more puncture and tear resistant than MDPE, we use it mostly for applications where more strength is required or goods in rougher environments, because its sometimes a little more milky coloured when produced in natural or clear. The film is typically done in white or black and used as timberwrap, ufilm or carry bags.

CO- Extruded
We can make u’film in LDPE or MDPE on a co-extrusion line, giving you a white coating on the outside to reflect heat and a black coating on the inside to help absorb heat from inside the wrap.

With our import capabilities if you’re a large volume user or calabile of buying 1 pallet at a time we can save you a considerable amount on timberwap, contact us for Pricing. 

Technical data

Colours availableWide range, including, white black, clear.
UVUV stabiliser can be added.
FoldUfold, Mfold or Wfold or Singewound
OriginAustralia or Malaysia
Printing1-5 Colour

Ufilm / Timberwrap
Is where the tube is cut down the middle rather than at the side giving you a measurements like 300mm/600mm/300mm. for a total of a 1200mm wide plastic. This is done so it can be easily rolled over long products then the two sides folded down over the side of the product to display a custom printed logo.