Custom made pallet bags

1200MM X 1200SG X 2000MM X 50UM PALLET BAGS are a great way to keep your pallets protected from dust and moisture. Sold in packs of 50

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Pallet Bags are great for quick and easy protection of pallets from moisture and dust. If you’re looking for a pallet bag size that isn’t listed on our site, we can probably get it made for you, we have manufacturing facilities available for small or large runs and the capability to import large jobs.

Pallet bags are typically made as a side gusset bag

Side gusset bag or tube
A side gusset is used when a product is more  more square or round and the typical flat bag wont to the job as the bottom of the bag will look too messy. The side gusset folds the sides of the rolls in and seals them. Melbourne packaging always list the side gusset as the full length of the gusset. Eg 1220mm x 1220SGmm gives a tube with a circumference of 4880mm

A side gusset is also used for large bags or tube where producing a large tube and winding it is impractical or just impossible because of the winders max capability. Its also cheaper to transport rolls that aren’t quite as wide.

Watch our pallet bag being wrapped with machine stretchwrap and the Mytho PRS XF-5003. This creates a tight waterproof barrier for protecting food goods from dust and moisture in transport along with pests. 



Availability and delivery

Custom made pallet bags are available from a 10 day lead time.

Many different coloured masterbatches can be added to the film, we can produce fil in natural(clear), black, white, grey, green, blue, red, yellow orange or a wide range of other colours.

Co extruded
We can produce film that’s co extruded, so if you would like to have black on one side and white on another we can offer that.

Low slip and high slip
If required the film can be produced very smooth or we can make the surface more textured and rough. To suit various packaging and application needs.

Shrink bags and tubing
We can produce the LDPE to be shrinkable, its great for proving protection on items Such as machinery been shipped and going overseas. The shrinkwrap provides a strong protective layer along with shielding goods from dust and the weather. You can add UV stabiliser if the product is been stored outside for a longer period.

Printing options

Most of the films we make or source can be printed on, printing is a great way to advertise your company or brand or easily identify a certain product line. Most of our suppliers print with a method called “flexographic printing” or “flexo” a artwork block/drum is required and then the artwork is rolled over the product as its been extruded.


The colours available are almost limitless, check the Pantone colour chart for colour options. Typically, the max number of colours per job is 5. We will be better able to advise you on the options once we sight the artwork and know the type of film you wish to print on.

Ordering process and procedure for cash accounts.

Step 1: Contact us
Send us an inquiry call us with what you’re looking for or what you wish to achieve with a custom made product.

Step 2: Confirm specifications
One of our sales rep will discuss with you on the phone your requirements or make a an appointment to come and see you to discuss options. We can also bring samples of the plastic and material types available. If you wish to have custom printing it would be best to provide us with what you wish to print so we can advise if any issues and provide a more accurate quote. We can for example quote without artwork and quote; eg: 1 colour print, ~25% Ink coverage, 1 side etc.

Step 3: Quotation
We will provide you will a quotation, noting any minimum order quantities, setup fees and the approximate lead time on the product

Step 4: Samples
If you’re happy with the quotation pricing, we can send you a sample or mockup sample of the product. however please note it maybe difficult to provide a sample on some custom made products as it would require the item to be made in the machine, at the very lease we can hand make an item of similar material and provide a same of the plastic gauge. so you know how the product will be finished.  we however cannot provide samples of printed products.

Step 5: Sending us an order
Once you send us an order, for cash accounts we will send you an order for ~80% of goods value. once this is paid we will get the goods in queue for production.

Step 5a: Confirm printing
If you were custom printing once payment has been made our artists will begin transferring your artwork into the needed files for for printing. once compleate we will send you the proof to confirm the artwork for you to sign off on, confirming its all correct.

Step 6: Completion of goods. 
For cash accounts, once we have the confirm run quantities we will invoice you the balance of the invoice. There is often a variance on the quantity produced of plastics by +/-10%.

Step 7: Delivery
Once we have received the final payment, we will dispatch the goods either by our own driver or overnight courier to you.



Whats the MOQ?
That will depend oin the bag and gauge, but typically from 100kg of product, which is about 5 rolls.

Is there is a  discount if i buy more?
yes custom made manufacturing of goods price is dependent on volume, higher volume users and manufacturing runs will see a discount.

Whats the most common material to make pallet bags in?
LDPE is generally the most common choice of pallet bags due to its price and shorter production runs availability.

What weight are the rolls of pallet bags?
That depends on you, its custom made after all, but we would recommend around 20kg rolls, this means we can do less changeovers per order for rolls, reducing your price and still give your users a reasonably light roll to carry around.

How many on a pallet of bags?
That again depends on volume, but we would generally pack 30-40 20 kg rolls on a pallet.

Whats the minimum gauge for custom making?
Most machines will struggle to make under 20um, for a pallet bag we would recommend +35um in gauge.

How thick is 35um?
About the thickness of a sandwitch ziplock bag.