Custom printed tape or labels are a great way to advertise your company or brand and identify goods. We can print tape in up to 5 colours(Not included the tape colour) in 2 different material types.

If you’re looking for custom wording on your tape but not a logo, we may already have a block available you can use to avoid a setup fee. Printing plates for things like FIS, WARNING, HEAVY, DO NOT BEND, TOP LOAD ONLY and hundreds more already exist. You can then choose your own tape type and colour.

The PP tape is general purpose tape, its good for going onto plastic or adding a logo to a carton that already sealed. We don’t recommend the PP for long-term applications on cardboard.

PP Tape colour options

Yellow PMS102
Green PMS7479
Blue PMS3005
Red PMS1788
Orange PMS7416

Customers looking for a different background colour should consider white and then printing the background . This is also advised for customer wanting a black background and white text. There would still be a small white boarder on the edge of the tape in this scenario. Using this method almost any colour is achievable.

The PVC tape is a premium tape, it can be used on a wide range of surfaced and sticks well to cardboard and recycled cardboard. RIP A labels will use the PVC material but they will be limited in a clear coat which makes the colours look more rich and glossy.

Orange PMS1645
Yellow PMS123
Brown PMS729
Green PMS362
Blue PMS298
Red PMS485
Fluoro Orange* PMS811

*The fluoro orange looks much brighter in real life

Please note that the pantone colours wont look the same in real life as they do on a computer screen. See below for a comparison vs proof.



Printing colours
The printing colours available use the pantone colour chart, so they’re almost limitless. However only upto 5 colours can be printed on tape. The colours cannot be gradients(fade from one colour to another) or mixed or blended. Each must be a solid single colour.

Minimum order quantity
The minimum order quantity is 1 carton, how many rolls that is depends on the roll width, see below for sizing options.

Sizing options

Roll With (mm) Rolls per ctn
 12 144
18 96
24 72
30 60
36 48
48 36
60 30
72 24
84 18
96 18
120 12
144 12
192 6


Rip a label, labels per roll / reprint on tape.


Message length Messages per roll
31 1600
42 1200
50 1000
63 800
75 660
84 600
100 500
125 400
150 330
167 300
200 250
250 200
300 165
400 125
500 100


Order Processing steps:

Step 1: Initial contact & consultation
Give us a call our use our contact from to get in contact with us, we will go over the size of tape required and how many colours you would need, if you can send us the artwork you’re looking to have printed at this stage it would be great, so we can look address any potential issues we may have in printing your required artwork.  We don’t need to see the artwork to quote if you haven’t finalised what you require. However, the quote isn’t fully valid until we see the final artwork.

Step 2: Submission of quote
Melbourne packaging supplies will send you a quotation for the printed tape / label job for you to review pricing.

Step 3: Accepting the quote / sending purchase order.
If you would like to go ahead with the quote, send us a purchase order or written confirmation to go ahead. You should also send the artwork required at this time. We will review the artwork for any issues and resubmit the quote if required.

Step 4: Payment
If you’re a new account or cash sale, we will require payment before proceeding further.

Step 5: Artwork approval
Before printing the job we will send an official artwork proof for your review and approval, you can make changes here and check for any spelling or grammar mistakes or may changes to the layout. Please check the artwork thoroughly as we cannot accept returns on custom printed products.

After the artwork is approved typically there is a 1-2-week lead time until you receive the goods.

Step 6: Delivery
Once the printing of the tape or label is complete, we will arrange for it to be delivered to you, or you can pick it up from our warehouse in Kilsyth if that is your preference.