Eva -1500KG Capacity Pallet Wrapping Machine – Version XF2010

The Eva is an entry level low maintenance Italian Made Pallet wrapping Machine, built by Atlanta Stretch SpA and distributed by Melbpack. It is an economical and easy to use wrapping machine, with many features for wrapping. The photocell automatically detects height of the pallets to wrap them perfectly each time.


Feature Summery.

  • Automatic 1 Button Push start
  • Friction Brake with roller. 0-100% Stretch.
  • Automatic pallet Height detection
  • 1 Fully adjustable Auto program, Plus manual mode of operation.
  • Range of adjustable parameters, see below for complete list.
  • 1500kg Capacity
  • 2200mm Wrapping height
  • 1650mm diameter turntable for Australian and export pallets.


  • Bottom pallet wrapping rounds from 1 to 10
  • Top pallet wrapping rounds from 1 to 10
  • Rotation speed adjustable from 5 to 12 rpm
  • Spool carriage speed upwards and downwards independently adjustable
  • Spool carriage speed upwards speed from 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
  • Spool carriage speed downwards speed from 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
  • Photocell sensing delay



  • Double cycle (Upwards/Downwards)
  • Single cycle (Only upwards or only downwards)
  • Reinforcement cycle by means of push-buttons
  • Wrapping cycle with manual drive by push-buttons of the carriage Up/Down
  • Push-buttons for manual function



  • Turntable Ø 1650 mm (Can be downgraded to 1500mm with custom order)
  • Max. load weight: 1500 Kg
  •  Wrapping height (Pallet included) 2200 mm
  • Turntable height 78 mm
  • Load height sensing photocell
  •  Acceleration / Deceleration ramps controlled by frequency changer
  • Spool carriage upwards/downwards speeds controlled by frequency changer
  • Safety carriage foot protection
  •  Beeper at cycle start and phase stopping at cycle end
  •  Emergency mushroom & reset push-button according to latest CE Norms


Total installed power 1.00KW
Standard input voltage 230V mono-phase – 50/60 Hhz 10AMP
Outlet AU standard plug



The Eva as standard is available with a friction mechanical brake, its a reliable entry level brake design for users wrapping under 15 pallets per day.

  • Brake system by means of tension roller
  • Manually adjustable from carriage
  • Film reel specs Max. outside diameter Ø 250 mm – Height = 500 mm
  • Core Ø76mm
  • Mounted on opposite side to the control panel to keep users clear of it during operation.


  • See quotation for details



The Eva Is an entry level Pallet wrapper, its available with limited upgrades. Refer to our Synthesi or Synthex stretchwrap Machines if you’re after a machine with more upgradable options.



These options are Bolt on and can be added by MPS, other options requiring changes to the mast or frame etc, will be custom build orders.

  • Height sensing photocell for black or shining products (Stock)
  • Aftermarket Scales
  • Ramp for pallet jacks


  • 1500mm wide turntable (reduces price)
  • Extended Ramp
  • Reinforced ramp
  • Grounding kit (Pit Frame) to put machine into the concrete.
  • Manual roping system for reinforcing pallets


Where and who by is this machine built?
The Eva is built in Italy by Atlanta Stretch, Watch a video below of it being built.

What is the lead time on a  custom machine?
This will Vary depending on the time of Year but Expect between 3 and 5 Months.

Do i need any special power requirements to run this Machine?
No this will fit into any standard 230/240v AU plug. 10Amp Plug.

Can i run this Machine in Manual mode as i have irregular pallets?
Yes you can, the Eva has a manual mode of operation where you can manually turn the turntable by the interface and control the carriage height manually through the interface.

Can i use a pallet jack with this machine?
If purchased with a ramp you can, Also  The Melbpack version of the EVA, The XF2010 comes with a 1650mm diameter turntable so AU and export pallets fit on them nicely.