Honeycomb Kraft Paper Bubblewrap

Honeycomb Kraft Paper Bubblewrap is a new way to wrap your goods. Its lightweight, versatile and offers excellent product protection. The best thing about is that its made from, recyclable, degradable and composable craft paper. Its the most eco friendly solution for wrapping items. Honeycomb paper is great for e-commerce packaging.

The Exotek honeycomb paper interlocks on itself keeps the honeycomb open and your goods secure in the wrapping. This eliminates the need for adhesives when packaging.

Honeycomb paper comes in a roll un-expanded, this takes up very little room when in storage and is cost effective for transport to you.

Buy Direct from the importer
Melbourne Packaging is a importer and distributor of honeycomb paper wrap, we import the long 12kg industrial/425m when stretched rolls of honeycomb paper for serious distribution warehouses. Please contact us for a custom wholesale quote on honeycomb paper. We sell to resellers, distributors and all types of end users. From Large production warehouses to home E-0commerce setups and everything in between.


  • Made from environmentally friendly Kraft paper
  • recyclable, degradable, composable.
  • Cost effective solution


510MM X 425M HONEYCOMB PAPER (12kg 250m Before stretching)

This product is instock.

Why use Paper Packaging?

Traditional packaging materials have a great impact on the environment, many countries in the world have issued restrictions on single use plastics in the retail sector.  Kraft paper is one of the the most environmentally friendly void fill solution and a great solution for any company wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Honeycomb Kraft paper has high toughness. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has excellent cushioning and compression performance.

Paper is also low on space prior to expanding  with the XP10, for customers sick of storing biofill, bubblewrap or foam. Exotek Honeycomb Paper is also cheap to transport to remote locations or interstate where Biofill or bubblewrap is too costly to get to more remote locations.

Kraft paper is 100% compostable and degradable making it a much friendlier solution over air pillows, bubblewrap or foam.




How fast is this machine to use?
Compared to wrapping in bubble its much faster, as the honeycomb paper is more versatile and flexible, its does not require tape to keep it together due to its interlocking nature.

How does the dispenser stretch the paper?
Our dispenser uses a friction brake to slow down the roller, when the paper is pulled through it expands the honeycomb paper.

Do you ship interstate to QLD, NSW, SA Etc?
Yes because of papers lightweight, its easy to ship in the roll making it great for country customers looking for a void fill solution.