XP300 Paper void fill machine

Paper void fill machine


The Paper EZ SmartFill XP300 is a fully automatic paper void fill machine. Using kraft paper, It makes the paper into the paper cushion, cuts it and dispenses it to use as void fill. The machine has different preset modes to make cushion paper in different length and different layer, for more flexible packaging needs.
The machine is suitable for Logistics, assembly lines, E-commerce, office, express delivery.

The XP300 is an innovate machine which can work fully independently of its stand, it can be placed on a desktop or bench by itself to save on space.

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  • Uses environmentally friendly paper.
  • 3 Modes of operation, Manual, Re-fill, Continuous.
  • Easy operation with control panel.
  • Two types available to satisfy different packaging sites, tabletop & stand.




Why use Paper Packaging?

Traditional packaging materials have a great impact on the environment, many countries in the world have issued restrictions on single use plastics in the retail sector.  Kraft paper is one of the the most environmentally friendly void fill solution and a great solution for any company wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

The XP300 paper cushion machine uses renewable Kraft paper with high toughness. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has excellent cushioning and compression performance.

Paper is also low on space prior to crumpling with the XP300, for customers sick of storing biofill, bubblewrap or foam. Paper is also cheap to transport to remote locations or interstate where Biofill or bubblewrap is too costly to get to more remote locations.

Kraft paper is 100% compostable and degradable making it a much friendlier solution over air pillows, bubblewrap or foam.

Technical data:


Speed60M /min
OperationFloor Stand Mode / Desktop Mode
Head Feeding angleAdjustable





The paper:
The XP300 Per void fill machine uses paper void fill available through Melbourne Packaging Supplies.

Warranty Details
1 Year Manufacturers warranty.


How cost effective is paper as void fill?
We will have more detailed info about this soon with exact litres comparison. However this will be very comparable in cost to fill per litre as air pillows or Biofill. It is far more cost effective than bubblewrap.

Does this paper void fill machine need to be brought, it it free or leased?
Melbourne packaging Supplies is a customer focused business, We can tailor a solution suitable for you, however our recommended method is for outright purchase of the machine, We don’t like to lock customers into minimum monthly purchases or contracts, with outright purchase you’re free to buy whatever you want for consumables when you want.

What are the advantage of this machine?
The XP300 is fully auto, its lightweight and can work independent of its frame.  It’s versatile and suitable in a large range of sectors.

What service support is available?
Melbpack employs an industrial electrician for servicing in Victoria or for sending interstate machines back for servicing.

Is there parts available for this machine?
Yes parts are fully available as spare parts, All customers are welcome to the schematics for reordering of parts or conducting repairs yourself.