Mytho S Low – Low Profile pallet wrapper

The Mytho S low profile is the market leader in low profile pallet wrapper in quality and engineering, equipped with ATLANTA STRETCHES HMI panel and the 250% PRS or 350% PS carriages, the Mytho S low is unmatched in stretch wrap yield capabilities.

Video shows ayra automatic system, Check quotation for details on the Ayra upgrade.


The Mytho S Low profile it build by the global leader in pallet wrappers, ATLANTA STRETCH. By purchasing a well known and international brand you can feel safe in knowing that this is the most well engineered and quality low profile pallet wrapper on the planet.


The Mytho S low profile, is Built by Atlanta Stretch in Italy.


Low profile with HMI interface

ATLANTA STRETCHs network capable industry 4.0 screen makes changing settings on the Mytho S easy. The screen in intuitive, fast to use and responsive. If users want to just wrap they can click the Big green physical start button under the panel.



Low gradient ramp

The Atlanta ramp is 400mm long with a turntable height of 25mm, Making its angle 3.57 degrees, this makes any product easy to push up the ramps, especially when compared to shorter ramps with an angle of over 5 degrees.


About as low as a 10 cent piece

The Atlanta Pallet wrapper is 25mm high, thats only 1mm taller than the Australian 10 cent piece!


Side mounted pallet wrapper carriage

  • The Mytho S Low carriage is mounted to the side of the turntable, this allows the carriage to get extra low. Allowing your goods to be wrapped lower than any front mounted carriage can achieve.
  • The side mounted carriage also keeps the valuable carriage safer to the side of the machine. Ever seen a front mounted carriage get destroy by a pallet? Not pretty.
  • Fully vertical carriage (Vs tilted), gives even tension on the rollers, no neck down of film and promotes even ware on carriage roller and bearings.
  • Side mount carriage allows for short machine length and smaller machine footprint vs front mounted carriage. The Mytho S low is only 2300mm Long.

Low profile belt driven turntable 

  • Thankfully the ATLANTA Mytho S low profile turntable is belt driven, in case of emergency stop,  the belt simple stretches or slips to absorb the shock of breaking suddenly.
  • Belts are cheap to replace but reliable, so reliable we have never had to replace any on any Atlanta low profile.
  • Belt Drive allows the frame to be bend with movement, so on uneven concreate terrain the Atlanta Low profile wont you shelling out to get all your gears and bearings replaced…Unlike other models….


Ayra – Make your low profile Automatic.

The Ayra blow to attach system has been developed by Atlanta stretch In Italy. its the only automatic system capable of been attached to a 25mm low profile turntable as all others are mechanical or pneumatic, the Ayra blows wrapping from the carriage to your goods, with auto cut off. The Ayra is an option on the Mytho S.

High Quality low Profile bearings

For those now shopping around or looking to replace their old and tried pallet wrapper of another brand… sick of replacing their bearings im sure? The Atlanta pallet wrapper users a twin low profile bearing instead of a triple mounted bearing, the extra clearance under the table of the Atlanta low profile pallet wrappers allows the mounting of more durable bearings and sees our customers reduce their low profile bearings usage considerably, we would give you a number, but we cant divide by zero.



If you’re a higher volume user wrapping over 30 pallets per day, the Mytho S pallet wrapping machine equipped with the PRS stretches wrap from 1m to 3.5m for 250% prestretch. This could potentially save you thousands per year on wrapping costs. The Advanced PRS powered prestretch system can save you thousands by stretching 1m of wrap to 3.5m.


pallet wrapper program options.

Feature Summery.

  • PRS carriage, Stretch 1m to 3M
  • Automatic pallet Height detection
  • Auto film cutting (Bolt on option, not included in price unless stated)
  • Full color Touchscreen LCD interface.
  • 99 Fully adjustable Auto programs, Plus manual mode of operation.
  • Over 30 adjustable parameters, see below for complete list.
  • 2000kg Capacity
  • 2450mm Wrapping height
  • 1650mm diameter turntable for Australian and export pallets.
  • Made in Italy by Atlanta Stretch.
  • Built with  Siemens inverters and omron electrics.

applications of pallet wrapper.


  • Bottom pallet wrapping rounds from 1 to 10
  • Top pallet wrapping rounds from 1 to 10
  • Rotation speed adjustable from 5 to 12 rpm
  • Spool carriage speed upwards and downwards independently adjustable
  • Spool carriage speed upwards speed from 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
  • Spool carriage speed downwards speed from 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
  • All function parameters settable on display
  • Photocell sensing delay
  • All function parameters settable on display
  • Weight of film used (Option on PRS – PS)
  • Key block



  • Double cycle (Upwards / Downwards)
  • Single cycle (Only upwards or only downwards)
  • Top sheet cycle
  • Wrapping cycle with altimeter (Photocell Off)
  • Wrapping cycle with start and stop height pre-programmed
  • Wrapping cycle with reinforcement and settable number of wraps
  • Wrapping cycle with step rising of spool carriage
  • Slow softstart for applying corner protectors
  • Step cycle mode for wrapping reinforcement and settable number of reinforcement wraps.
  • Manual wrapping program
  •  Push-buttons for manual functions



  • Turntable Ø 1650 mm
  • Max. load weight: 1200Kg
  • Wrapping height (Pallet included) 2450mm
  • Base-frame turntable height 25mm
  • Load height sensing photocell and altimeter – BLACK PHOTO EYE SENSOR
  • Acceleration / Deceleration ramps controlled by frequency changer
  • Spool carriage upwards/downwards speeds controlled by frequency changer
  •  Safety carriage foot protection
  •  Beeper at cycle start and phase stopping at cycle end
  • Emergency mushroom & reset push-button according to latest CE Norms
  • Safe enclosed mast design with chain drive.


Total installed power0,75 KW – 1,00 KW (with carriage PRS / PS)
Standard input voltage230V mono-phase – 50/60 Hhz 10AMP
OutletAU standard plug



PRS – Power Roller Stretch –
Capable of stretching wrap to predefined rations, 150%, 200% and 250% giving users excellent wrapping efficiency. (x2.5 – 3.5 yield)

Prestretch system System with cover removed:

power prestretch gears.




Atlanta stretch are on of the largest machine builders in the world, trusted for the high quality machine design and robustness. Buying an Atlanta machine through Melbpack you have the backup from Melbpack and Atlanta Stretch.

Atlanta stretch wrapping machines are of modular design, they all use the same parts where they can, increasing spare parts availability. The machine and boards are designed for simple aftermarket addons, such as heater unit, auto cut, light tower. Roping device, slit film cutter, remote control and scales.

Atlanta Stretch pallet wrapping machines use off the shelf components from major parts providers such as Lenze, Omron, Motovario and micro-detectors. Increasing the quality of the parts and availability of them. Atlanta uses very few custom parts or boards, increasing the life expectancy of the machine due to parts availability and interchangeability of the parts.

Melbpack import our Machines from Atlanta Stretch with 1650mm turntables to suit AU sized chep and Loscam pallets. By importing machines with this size turntable our machines fit the pallet fully on the turntable with no overhang. This is important when using a ramps because the pallet wont hit the ramp unlike machines imported with a 1500mm turntable.