Manual mobile pallet wrapper

The Marathon is a unique manual mobile pallet wrapper, its great for users who want to wrap anywhere & save users from bending over and strain with normal hand wrapping. Portable and easy to use the mobile pallet wrapper allows you to wrap pallets wherever you need to in your warehouse.

The movability of the portable manual mobile pallet wrapper also means you can wrap pallets of any size, shape or height easily.


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  • Wraps any size pallet
  • Wraps heavy weight pallets easily
  • wrap pallets anywhere
  • save on space vs a machine

$3850.00+gst FIS Melbourne.

Delivery is available interstate, freight may apply.


Melbpack pallet wrappers are produced by ATLANTA STRETCH, ATLANTA STRETCH is one of the largest producers of pallet wrapping machines globally, Based in Italy Atlanta stretch is the goto manufacturer for automatic pallet wrappers, with over 5000 turnkey systems produced worldwide. Atlanta stretch pallet wrappers and equipment are known for their robust, but economical design.

Buy Direct from the importer

Melbourne Packaging Supplies, is ATLANTA STRETCHES main distributor of semi automatic pallet wrappers throughout Australia, with dozens of machine in stock in shipping crates, we have machines ready to ship out nationwide. Buying Direct from the importer you can save thousands on ATLANTA STRETCH equipment.


Technical features

  • Machine for stretch wrapping palletized loads of any shape, weight and size;
  • Advised for use and application of already pre-stretched film,
  • Min. load dimensions 650 x 400 mm;
  • Min. load weight: 50 Kg;
  • Wrapping height (Pallet included) 2000 mm;
  • Light and easy and to use without the need to rely on the power of a motor;
  • Manual movement by operator;
  • The film carriage is manually moved up and down to suit the required wrap;
  • Marathon is notable for its simplified functions and ability to use pre-stretched film;
  • Replaces manual wrapping, at an affordable price

Manual cycles available 

  • Double cycle (Upwards / Downwards)
  • Single cycle (Only upwards or only downwards)
  • Top sheet cycle
  •  Multilayer bottom wraps
  • Multilayer reinforcement wraps
  • Multilayer top wraps

Eliminate the need to bend over.
The XF-M Marathon wraps the bottom of pallets easily, the film carriage reaches an extremely low height with the pull of a leaver, eliminating the need to bend over.

The Marathon also makes wrapping high pallets extremely easy too as you don’t have to lift a 4-5kg roll above you head. stretchwrap dispensers also typically have the brake ontop which makes this impossible to reach at the top of the pallet.