The Nobel XW-1000 is a new, high quality Italian made Friction Brake Pallet-Wrap Machine. Call us today for a free demonstration.

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The Nobel is a new, high quality Italian made Friction Brake Pallet-Wrapping Machine. Most entry level or cheaper machines come with 1 or 2 basic cycles, but not the Nobel.

It features 3 fully programmable wrapping cycle, with –

  • Top wraps
  • Bottom wraps
  • Accent up and down options
  • Turntable speed
  • Carriage speed up
  • Carriage speed down and the over wrap timer.

Sale Price:

The XW-1000 is currently on Sale for $4350.00+GST Melbourne Metro. This prices includes, delivery, installation and training. 

We will also attempt to match or beat any quoted price an on equivalent spec machine. The quote Must state the full price for the machine, delivery and installation price. 

Main Specifications:

  • Mechanical brake;
  • Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment;
  • Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment;
  • Adjustable parameters from control panel: cycle selection, bottom turns, top turns, rotation speed, carriage speed, photocell delay;
  • Photocell for pallet height detection;M
  • Maximum pallet height 2100mm
  • Stop at 0 position;
  • 3 working cycles;
  • 5-digit display;
  • Auto diagnostic;
  • Powder coating;
  • Braked turntable at the end of the cycle;
  • Safety Device under carriage
  • 2 years manufacturers  warranty.


  • Pallet Ramp
  • Power Prestretch carriage
Technical Data  
Height: 2075MM
Width: 1500MM
Length: 2374MM
Weight: 280KG
Capacity: 1200KG
Power Supply: 240V AU PLUG


Can I Adjust the turntable speed myself?
Yes the XW-1000 Nobel’s turntable speed and mast speed along with many other options can be adjusted easily by any user from its interface. No disassembly of the machine to access to board is required. The settings you change are then saved to one of 3 fully programmable cycles.

How much weight can this machine take?
It can take pallets weighing up to 1200kg.

What sort of break or carriage does this machine have?
The base model of the XW-1000 has a friction; aka mechanical brake. Force is applied to the film by a spring loaded roller stretching out the stretch wrap.

Can you supply this machine with a power pre-stretch carriage?
Yes we can, please contact us for pricing and available carriage options.

Do you rent these machines?
Yes Melbpack can you rent you the XW-1000 for a short term rental of a few months or a long term 36 month rental agreement.

Can I See the machine before I buy?
Yes certainly, we have a XW-1000 machine setup in our warehouse ready for a demo and more ready to be dispatched at short notice.

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