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See our range of new Pallet wrapping machines

If you need a short term rental for a move or a busy Period we have a range of rental stretchwrap machines available at competitive prices.

Any of our machines are available as a long term 36 month rental or rent to buy, but if you need something for a shorter period we do have a range of already commissioned rental machines.

Advantages & benefits

  • Reduced Labour cost
  • increased stretched effective
  • Better load integrity and less damaged goods
  • Prevent user injuries
  • No need for Capex expenditure approve
  • predictable maintenance and expense costs


Short term rental machines, for 1 week to 1 Year Period.


Available Models

Please call us for pricing and availability.

Please note short term rental are currently only available in Victoria.


What is your minimum rental term?
Our min term is 1 month

How much stretchwrap will i need to wrap 1 pallet?
This will vary depending on the pallet wrapped and the wrap used, but typically the absolute worst case scenario is 30 pallets from a 15kg roll.

What sort of power requirements do i need to run these machines?
All our machines are plug and play, they run off 240v 10amp plug.

What if i dont know how to use the machine? what sort of support will you give?
A rep or technician will come out to you onsite when we commission the rental machine yo you, they will go over safty and programming of the machine with your staff. to make sure its wrapping optimally for you goods.

ive had machines before when i cant adjust the amount of wrap applied, can you do this? other machines often miss spots, apply too much or too little wrap. 
All melbpack machines have the turntable RPM, and carriage speed adjustable through the user interface. so the amount of wrap applied per pallet can be easily changed without a technician.

Do you machines have a manual mode?
Yes all all rental machines have a manual mode, so they user can spin the turntable and adjust the carriage by the press of a button.

How do i unload the machine when it gets here?
You will need a forklift or reach stacker, a walkie stacker without a reach function typically cannot be used to unload the pallet wrapping machine from the truck.

Do you have pallet jack ramps available? 
Yes if you want to use a pallet jack with the rental machine, please let us know and we can also supply a ramp.