The Volta is an Italian made Pallet Wrapping Machine, this model has 2 tonne capacity and a PPS unit for massive saving on stretchwrap.

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The Volta is a new an Italian made Pallet Wrapping Machine,  It features a 2500mm wrapping height, 2000kg turntable and a vast array of customised wrapping options on shortcut buttons, useful for when you have constant different load type.

With the power pre stretched unit (PPS) unit customers are able to a significant amount on their stretchwrap. The PPS unit takes 1m of stretchwrap and stretches it out to 3m at 200% ratio, but it can be configured to stretch upto 500%. on the 200% setting users can see a cost per wrap off approximately 60 cents per pallet.

Main Specifications:

  • Max. height of the pallet: 2500 mm
  • Loading plate: 1500 mm
  • Maximum payload: 2000 Kg
  • Frequency controller for carriage speed management
  • Frequency controllerr for turntable speed management
  • Adjustable PPS head unit for film stretching
  • Custom Photocell for automatic pallet height detection
  • Safety stop beneath the carriage
  • Double belt system for carriage lifting
  • 6 working cycles
  • Double mode – ALL SHORTCUTS (AS) – Electronic Board
  • Autodiagnostic
  • 2 year warranty


  • Power Pre-Stretch Carriage with auto cut-off system
  • Double motor Pre-Stretch Carriage
  • Double motor Pre-Stretch Carriage with auto cut-off system
  • Sealing Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Roping System
  • Top Press
  • Up to 3400mm table’s diameter
  • Custom wrapping height
  • 2000 Kg payload (Factory spec is 1200kg, Melbpack supplies 2000kg as standard)
  • Weighing System
  • Pit Frame
  • Ramps Available

Technical Data

Height 2580 mm
Width 1500 mm
Length 2865 mm
Weight 420 kg
Power supply 230 VAC
Power consumption 0.75/1 Kw


Can I Adjust the turntable speed myself?
Yes the Volta turntable speed and mast speed along with many other options can be adjusted easily by any user from its interface. No disassembly of the machine to access to board is required. The settings you change are then saved to one of 6 fully programmable cycles.

How much weight can this machine take?
It can take pallets weighing up to 2000kg.

The base model of the volta  has an electromagnetic brade; Its a powered roller capable of stretching stretchwrap approximately to 100%

What sort of break or carriage does this machine have?
This machine has a prestetch carriage with 200-500% stretch ratio.

Do you rent these machines?
The Volta is only available for long 36 month rental agreements. We have other machines available for short term rentals if you need one for less time.

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