Standard Ribbon Steel Strapping setup is recommended for strapping pallet or timber packs and for users needing a strap with minimal elongation.

One of our most popular setups of all time is our standard steel strapping setup. This setup is a 2 piece tool setup requiring a tensioner to tension the steel strapping and a sealer to crimp the seal to the steel strapping. Its one of the cheapest strapping setups available for its strength.


The applications for this type of setup are many, they include, timber packs, wall frames and truss, palletising goods, lighter loads of steel.

Break load and system strength

The steel strapping has a break load of 798 kg, when the seal (crimp) is applied. The system strength of the setup is approximately 558kg as you lose approximately 30% of the strength at the seal.

Items required in Setup kit.

ADL1Standard steel strapping setup
ADL419mm Steel strapping sealer
ABB319mm SO Seals
AAK3A19mm x 0.56mm Ribbon steel strapping
ADL5Steel strapping dispenser


  • Low cost tools
  • Simple to use
  • Steel lays perfectly flat, easy to pass under pallets or goods.
  • High strength 798 kg break load steel
  • Highly reliable seal joint

It’s a great setup for low volume users with a single station or high volume users that require multiple stations setup throughout their yard or warehouse. Its also an ideal setup for onsite teams packaging up pallet racking or scaffolding as the thin roll can easily fit behind a truck seat or in a storage compartment.


  • Requires flat or straight surface to mount the tensioner.
  • PET(Polyester) price per Meter is somewhat cheaper.
  • Slow speed compared to Seal-less or battery tool, but still one of the fastest manual setups to apply per strap.

Video demonstration

Example of a strapped load

Additional information

The ADL1 and ADL4 are YBICO tools, imported by Melbourne packaging supplies and distributed to our end user and reseller and distributor network. They’re made to be cheap but reliable tools. We stock parts for the tensioners if repairs are needed, but mostly given the cheap cost of replacements they’re mostly a throwaway unit.

The ADL1, also known as the YBICO S90 Tensioner, Suits steel strapping 12-19mm wide and from 0.40mm to 0.60mm in thickness. It uses a ratchet mechanism with pawls to hold tension and has manual pawl release to release the handle while keeping the strap under tension.

The ADL4 also known as the YBICO C3206 sealer or crimper is capable of sealing 19mm steel strapping upto 0.60mm with the use of SO seals. It should only be used to seal the SO seals and no other steel seals. Its not suitable for plastic strapping seals etc. The ADL4 has longer than the average handles available on the market and are of all steel design. The longer handles make it easier for the user to crimp the seals.

Info on the strapping

The steel strapping is Australian Made using Bluescope steel, its has an approx. breaking strain of 798kg. there is approximately 16kg Per roll. Melbpack sells by the KG so you get exactly what you pay for every time. A lot of our competitors operate on a roll price, but you will find their roll weights to be only 10-12kg.

The steel strapping is what we call “Ribbon wound” where the width of the roll is the width of the strapping, in this case its 19mm. The strapping is designed to fit in an a frame type dispenser or a bucket style trolley dispenser with the plates approximate 25mm apart.

Info on the seals

The seals are also Australian made with Bluescope steel, the or snap on or “SO Seals” are design to be clipped on after tensioning the strap easily. They’re relatively thin and therefor very cost effective.

Info on the dispenser

This ADL5 ribbon steel strapping dispenser is our most basic ribbon steel strapping dispenser, it comes with a locking pin to keep the steel strapping secure once in this dispenser and is designed to be carried around the yard or warehouse. We do also have a similar ribbon steel strapping dispenser with wheels and a tool tray and hooks to mount the strapping tools and we also have a heavy duty model with wheels, our ADL60 dispenser.


Melbpack stocks all the above items for this setup. If you would like a demo in Victoria please get in Contact with us. Also if you are interested in reselling or distributing our tools or straps we can offer discounts for larger purchases.