The XST-46 Kronos is a world-class battery powered strapping tool. With flexible settings, wide tension range and the ability to accommodate both PP and PET strapping.

Product information:  

The Kronos XST-46 strapping tool is a flexible world class battery powered strapping tool. Accommodating both PP and PET strapping, the Kronos XST-46 has a wide tension range, up to 400kgs of tension, and can be used in all kinds of applications in various industries and sectors.

It’s lightweight design means that it can be used all over the place and for long periods of time without fatigue – as long as you charge the battery included.

The automatic function of the Krono XST-46 strapping tool means you can tension and seal your strapping at the push of a button.

The XST-46 from Melbourne Packaging Supplies includes a battery, a charger, and a reinforced heavy duty base plate attachment.


The XST-46 is available for $3,490+gst Inc 1X Bosch 4Ah battery and charger, delivered nationwide.





  • 400KG Tension
  • Digital Touch Panel
  • Friction Weld
  • Robust Housing
  • Brushless Motor
  • Bosch 18v Battery
  • Runs on PP and PET Strap


Battery quantity: See quotation for details.

Technical data:

Strap Size:15-19MM
PET Strap Gauge:0.6MM to 1.3MM
PP Strap Gauge:0.75MM to 1.3MM
Nett Weight:4.4KG
Battery:18V BOSCH LI-ION 4AH

 Strap Recommendation
Melbourne packaging Recommend the use of the XST-46 with 16mm 0.7mm to .9MM PET strapping. or 19mm x 0.95mm polyproperline strapping.

Availability and delivery
The XST-46 Kronos Strapping Tool is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Melbourne Metro: 1-2 Business days
Regional Victoria: 2-3 Business days
Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide Metro:  2-3 Business days
All other locations: TBA

Dispatch lead time is from when funds are received, orders processed after 2pm may not be dispatched until the next day to deliveries outside of Melbourne metro.

Trialing the XST-46
If you’re in Melbourne or country Victoria and would like to trial or see the XST-46 in action, please get in contact with us, a sales rep visit you to demo you the tool. This is our preferred method of doing business and selling the XST-46, as this allows us to address any concerns specific to your goods and company requirements. 

We do have several trial and loan XST-46s avalible for customers wishing to trial the tool before they buy one.

Warranty info
The XST-46 Strapping Tool comes with a 12 Month manufacturer’s warranty, that covers non-wearing parts.


How many batteries does this tool come with?
Typically we supply this tool with 2x Bosch 4AH batteries included in the price. But we can arrange for a “tool only” discount if you already have enough Bosch 18v batteries and chargers.

Do you provide service to these tools?
Yes, we have several in house staff for repairing machines in our warehouse and we can repair tools onsite in Melbourne.

Do you stock parts for these?
Yes melbpack is the importer and distributor of this tool in Australia. We stock all major parts fro quick turn around on parts delivery or repairs.

What sort of PET strap can this run?
This tool can run our 3 grades of PET, Supa embossed, Machine Embossed and ultra smooth, it can run them in 15mm width to 19mm and from 0.6mm to 1.3mm thick.

Is this tool shock resistant when dropped?
We would advise against dropping them…however Melbpack equips all XST-46s with a reinforced base plate attachment at no additional cost. This prevents damage to the cast base plate when on rough surfaces such as metals but also prevents the base plate from been damaged if the tool is dropped.

My old tool wears out feedwheels and grippers really fast, will this one?
This would depend on your strap usage, but the XST-46 has a contactless feedwheel and gripper, that means if a user pushes the tension button without strap in the tool accidentally or to clean it, they wont grind against each other. This is normally a common problem in the cheaper tools.

What does the auto function do?
The auto function allows the tool to tension and seal automatically at the press of 1 button, when in the auto mode and the tension button is pushed the tool will tension to its preset tension limit and then automatically begin welding.

How many straps will this tool do before it needs a charge?
It does depend on the settings, on higher welding times you would get less, but typically you would get min 200 straps.

How does this tool stick the strapping together?
This is what is called a friction weld strapping tool, the tool forces the two layers of strap together by rubbing them together at a fast rate, this friction generates heat, melts the plastic and sticks them together

Does the tool use glue to stick the strapping together?
No have a ready of the Question above, the tool uses friction to heat the 2 layers of strapping together.

Can you tell me more about the design of the tool and why you sell or promote this model instead of others?
Sure, melbpack in an independent importer and distributor of strap and tools, we stock the most of the XST-46(Transpack H45B) strapping tool over other tools because of its reliability and price point. Until now no tool of this quality has been available for under $3000.00 outside of major discounts direct from a manufacturer. Transpak parts are also significantly cheaper than tools of European origin.

The XST-46 uses a twin motor design, a main large motor for tensioning and sealing and a secondary smaller motor to bring up and down the sealing mechanism, while it adds a second motor to the design of some other tools, it removes a lot of complex’s parts and simplifies the tools design, while still having the auto mode. Most other tools use twin large motors or a single large motor.

The tools electronics are also placed in the upper parts of the tool, this prevents water damage to the electronics. Melbpack still advises that the tool shouldn’t be operated in the rain. But its less prone to damage if somebody does accidentally leave it outside.

Got any more videos?
Sure do, heres Transpacks one.

Supporting Materials:

I brought one of these through somebody else can you supply parts?
Sure can, if your tool is a red transpak H46 or ominous looking black tool which still looks exactly the same, we can supply parts.
If you need parks, checkout our full manual and parts list for the transpak H46 below.

Transpak H46 / Melbpack XST-46 manual and parts list.