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So we knew the Mytho PRS combined with our 14um pallet wrap, the stretchwrap used per pallet was going to be low, but i didn’t expect this low.

In this video we preform what is called a cut and weigh.
We wrap the pallet then cut the film off and weigh it.

This accurately tells us our cost per wrap.

The stretchwrap been used here is our Australian made


Its a new blend of wrap, made on an Australian high speed extruder, we have swapped people over from 25um and 20um, to our 14um with great success.

The machine is the Mytho PRS XF-5003. Its advances PRS/PPS head unit stretches the wrap from 1m to 3m. giving users massive savings on films.

For you information, wrapping this same pallet with handwrap at 20um will use about 380g of stretchwrap.
Wrapping the same pallet on a friction mechanical braked stretchwrap with 14um will use about 280g of stretchwrap. So 99g of stretchwrap is exceptionally low.

From left to right, hand wrapping, friction brake machine, PPS machine.

Most companies wrapping pallets by hand with 25um would use about 500g of stretchwrap per pallet.

The cut and weigh test is also the best way to cut through the bullshit of what film and gauge your getting.
Many imported films are listed like:

500mm x 25um machine wrap.

500mm x 1600m #20 machine wrap

And just give you a cheaper “roll price,” check you invoice, if you dont have you stretchwrap listed as width, length and um clearly marked they’re trying to bullshit you. These imported films will typically be low weight 11-12kg rolls. with a super fat core size to make the roll look bigger.

The cut and weigh test will help determine your true cost per pallet wrapped.

As we have used 99g of stretchwrap we get 141 pallets wrapped per 14kg nett of stretchwrap.

At $55 per roll thats $0.39 per pallet wrapped.

You must know your full nett roll weight and price to accurately calculate cost per pallet wrapped.

What equipment do i need to do this?
You will need:

  • Scales capable of weighing the full roll, bathroom or parcel scales are suitable
  • scales capable of weighing sub 1kg in 0.5g-2g increments
  • a knife
  • The stretchwrap used, you must weigh a full roll of stretchwrap  thats unused.

Can i just weigh the roll before and after?
Sure can, just make sure you have good scales capable of 1g increments.

How many pallets do i need to wrap a year to gain the benefits of this machine?
a PPS machine is going to be around $3000 more than a regular friction brake machine. it can pay for itself exceptionally quick if you have the volume.
eg $0.39 x 10,000 = $3,900

hand wrapping, lets say 3kg roll @ $15, 380g per pallet wrapped. = $1.90 per pallet wrapped.

at 10,000 pallets thats $19,000 per year.

I think the $3000 extra PPS machine would be worth it…Especially since you gain a much more heavy duty and advanced machine

The Mytho touchscreen is cable of so many adjustments to get the pallets wrapped perfectly to your desired amount of wrap.