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If you’re looking for Steel strapping, look no further than Melbourne packaging Supplies. We’re one of the largest provider of steel strapping nation wide. The majority of our steel strapping is Australian Made with Bluescope steel. to insure the best quality available. Our strap is thoroughly deburred of sharp edges and finished with a painted and waxed surface, allowing it to easily glide through tools.

We have significant stocks of all sizes. and grades, including standard steel strapping, High manganese(SUPA) steel strapping and heat treated steel strapping. We accommodate any size user of steel strapping.

Our most popular steel strapping is the 19051 ribbon steel strapping due to its high strength and cheap pricing. and easy to store and transport 16kg coils.

Watch a video of our steel strapping here working with our standard steel strapping tensioner and sealer. Click our link for more information on our steel strapping kit.

Steel strapping Advantages

  • Cheap tools
  • Simple to use
  • Steel lays perfectly flat, easy to pass under pallets or goods.
  • High strength
  • Highly reliable seal joint
  • Can strap small or round products easily with pusher tools.
  • Low elongation high yield point makes it great for keeping heavy goods tight on long journeys.