500mm x 400m x 23um ULTRA BLOWN STRETCHWRAP (CTN 4)

Ultra Blown Stretchwrap offers extra protection from tear or punctures during transport. Recommended for use when wrapping loads with sharp edges

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Blown hand film offers extra tear and puncture resistance over regular cast hand film. Its recommended for users wrapping heavier loads and with sharp edges.



  • Readily available
  • Ideal for heavier loads and with sharp edges
  • High puncture and tear resistance


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The HAF23 Blown Hand Stretchwrap is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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What is blown Film?

Blown machine film is a manufacturing process, the film is literally blown in a bubble up to the ceiling of the manufacturing facility, the film is then flattened, an adhesive layer added,  slit and wound onto the rolls, the blown process creates a very high puncture and tear resistant film.

Does this film have an adhesive layer?

Yes it does, blown film without the adhesive layer doesn’t stick to itself very well, the adhesive is added on one side of the stretchwrap, this is put inwards facing the goods, which then leaves the outside of the product wrapped without the adhesive on it. This is great for pallets when they’re packed tightly in containers or on trucks.

How Clear is this product?
Once a few layers have been applied it can be a little hard to see through into the pallets clearly, if you’re barcode scanning through pallet stretch wrap we would recommend the use of one of our higher clarity cast films instead.